How to Incorporate Volunteer Patches in Your Wardrobe (and More!)

By TMHQ | July 18, 2019


On Wednesdays, we wear patches! In our Tough Mudder volunteer world, every Wednesday on Facebook is #patcheswednesday. Be part of the family, use the hashtag, and show us your best outfit incorporating your MVP patch (or however you showcase them).

Our volunteers are called MVPs because they are the driving force behind our team on event day. They are there to help set up the event site, greet and cheer on Mudders, and celebrate at the finish line by putting those hard-earned finisher headbands around your sweaty, muddy noggins. Plus, volunteers earn discounted entry fees on events and merchandise. (Want to volunteer? Find out how to sign up here.)

Get inspired by some of the most creative ways Mudders have styled their patches!