Introducing the Tough Mudder Pro Team

By TMHQ | September 28, 2017


Mudder Nation, meet The Tough Mudder Pro Team starring Ryan Atkins, Lindsey Webster, Stefanie Bishop, and Hunter McIntyre. In the coming months you’ll see these 4 athletes battletheir way through miles of mud with grit and willpower as they fight for gold. Whether it’s the Tougher Mudder Championship (where Hunter is favored to take first) or World’s Toughest Mudder (where reigning WTM 2016 champ, Stef, will battle Lindsay to keep her title and Ryan is predicted to have little trouble scoring first), these seasoned Mudders are the ones to watch. Below, learn exactly why TMHQ crowns these mud-lovers with their pro-status. Study up on their strengths, stats, and competition to be the OCR guru as you Facebook live-stream these athletes escaping the ordinary (over and over again).