#LiveFit with Meagan Martin

By TMHQ | August 16, 2018



Fitness isn’t just about the time you spend in the gym preparing for event day, it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s doing a quick at-home workout, taking the stairs over the elevator, or getting in a few curls while you're carrying the groceries, the healthy choices you make throughout the day are what will have you crushing every obstacle in your path—on and off the course.

Meagan Martin, also known as the “SheWolf,” is a professional climber and American Ninja Warrior. (If you've watched the show, you've seen her: She's the only woman to complete three qualifying courses in a row and is a 5-time Vegas finalist). We invited her to take us through 8 different 10-minutes-or-less workouts, and you can do them anywhere, anytime. We’ll be releasing them here over the next 8 weeks, every Tuesday.


Before getting sweaty, we asked Meagan a few questions about how she maintains a#LiveFit life. 

Q: How do you #livefit in your everyday life between travel and fun?

A: In my everyday life I #livefit by rock climbing! For me it’s the best and most fun way to stay active!

Q: If you can give three top tips of how to #livefit and stay in shape to Mudder Nation what would they be?

A: My first tip would be to find a workout that works for you! In order to get in a routine it’s important to do a workout that you enjoy! Tip number 2 would be when it comes to diet, I like everything in moderation! I think It’s easier to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than restricting. Tip number 3 is find a workout buddy, it’s always easier when there’s someone to hold you accountable!

Q: What's your favorite CELSIUS flavor and why?

A: This is a hard question, because I LOVE so many CELSIUS flavors! I think I have to go with the Green Tea Raspberry Açaí! It’s so refreshing so it’s the perfect flavor before a workout!

Q: How do you mentally and physically prepare for a workout to maximize your training sessions?

A: Some days are definitely harder than others when it comes to mentally and physically preparing for a workout. When it comes down to it though, the hardest part is always getting to the workout. Once you are there and you’ve committed there is a switch in the brain that’s like “alright, let’s do this!”


Now that we’re fired up, grab a CELSIUS, get fueled up, and try this week's 7-Minute Strength Circuit:


Plus: Tabata HIIT Workout:


Plus: No Equipment HIIT Workout:


Plus: Total Body Sculpt Workout:


Plus: 10-Minute Kettlebell Ab Workout:


Plus: 10-Minute Upper Body Workout:


Plus: 6-Pack Abs Workout:

Plus: 7-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout:


Stay tuned for a new video with Meagan every Tuesday through October 9th, and follow her adventures on Instagram @meaganmartin89.