Livestrong Charity

By Melissa Freeswick | August 26, 2016

What made you want to do a Tough Mudder for charity? 


I've always wanted to do a Tough Mudder but I never had the confidence in myself to do it. Before my grandpa passed away from cancer he told me to take care of myself for me and for my son. He was diagnosed a year before he passed away and during that time I saw what the stress and pain did to my grandma. They had an incredible amount of support from our family and the town that they lived in. It was amazing to see so many people come together to help support them. Especially because they didn't have much income. The treatments that my grandpa had were in Denver and they lived 4 hours outside of town. Many people donated to make sure they were able to have gas money and food when they got to town. It was a beautiful thing. I started taking care of myself and lost 20lbs. I decided that it's time to have the confidence in myself and to believe in myself just like my grandpa believed in me. I figured if I could raise money for families like mine, even better. 


What fundraising methods have worked well?


So far I've asked for support from my friends and family. I posted on social media that if someone donates $20, I will do any chores they have around the house, whether it's spring cleaning, yard work or car washes. Anything along those lines. I'm excited to see how many people participate in that this week. I'm hoping to get more word out around the office soon too.

What has kept you going during your training?


I want to show people that you can absolutely do anything you put your mind to, and that it's never too late to take care of yourself and be strong and healthy for the people you love.

What is one tip you’d give to someone who is about to do a Tough Mudder for charity? 


Remember each and every day what message you want people to receive from all of your hard work. Remember who and why you're doing it and don't be afraid to show people how passionate you are. I think people appreciate that.


Chelsea is fundraising for LIVESTRONG in honor of her grandpa. Feel inspired to run for LIVESTRONG? Register your interest today! Do you want to make a difference to a cause that means a lot to you and run a US Tough Mudder for FREE? Register today at