Meet The 5 Team Rubicon Teams Going to World's

By TMHQ | October 24, 2017


In the mud and facing natural disaster, Team Rubicon gives a whole new meaning to “Tougher Together”. And this year Team Rubicon, the official US Charity of Tough Mudder, has 5 teams competing with grit and glory at World’s Toughest Mudder to raise money for their cause and spread the awareness of Team Rubicon's efforts.

Here’s the quick & dirty, Mudder Nation: Team Rubicon taps into the valuable skills of veterans and gives them a chance to continue their service and build a sense of purpose, community, and identity. Like Tough Mudder, Team Rubicon harnesses the power of teamwork and community to tackle life’s challenges (in this case, natural disaster) head-on by delivering disaster response services, mitigating hazards, clearing dangerous debris, and providing emergency home repair. Groundbreaking? We think so. 

For more info on our charity partnership, click HERE. And to meet the Team Rubicon veterans who're showing their badassery and selflessness in the mud, scroll down.