New Series Alert: 'The Challenge Within' on CW Network and CW Seed

By TMHQ | January 31, 2017


Want to see what a real Mudder is made of?

Meet the real Mudders, the Everyday Heroes who make Tough Mudder what it is - an event designed to build camaraderie, promote teamwork, and help each and every Mudder who steps on course to find the very best they have.

Get to know a few of these fearless Mudders in the five digital shorts and culminating TV special now available exclusively at and watch as everyday heroes overcome obstacles in their daily lives, in order to crush the obstacles on course. 

Here's a taste: 


Obstacles don’t just exist on the course. Obstacles are everywhere. At work. At home. In the car on the way to the grocery store. What separates a Mudder from the rest is how they respond to those obstacles. Watch the first of five digital shorts and find out how the obstacles they face make Mudders into the one-of-a-kind warriors they are.

Episode 1 and Episode 2 cover the Granito Brothers never back down from a challenge. So when, at age 50, Bobby was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the brothers looked at it as just another challenge to overcome. Fitting then, that Tough Mudder became their touchstone. Together, Bobby, Jimmy, and Brant work to overcome obstacles on the course, as Bobby battles for his life off of it. Watch as Bobby, Jimmy, and Brant get ready to rock the course for a tenth time, overcoming obstacles together, as only the Granito brothers can.

Some Mudders, like Merrell ambassador Mirna, hit the course just to show themselves that they’re capable of more. To Mirna, Tough Mudder is a means of taking power from people who judge her for her size. Chest pains and a talk with her cardiologist got her to the course. Her blog, Fat Girl Running, and the unique experience of a Mudder, keeps her coming back.

Watch Episode 3 to see how a life spent as a self-proclaimed fat person has become the opportunity pushing her to be the best she can be.

Veterans, like Mudders, come in all shapes and sizes. Denise may not look like what you’d think a member of Operation Iraqi Freedom would look like, but make no mistake - she’s tough as tough can be. These days, Denise muds as a way to cope with Post Traumatic Stress and a traumatic brain injury suffered while overseas, and because the camaraderie she finds on the course is unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

Watch in Episode 4 as Denise works to put her past behind her and focus on the mud, tough, and future that lies ahead.

As any Mudder worth their salt knows; it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.

When you’re staring at 10-12 miles of muddy course, and 20-plus obstacles of pulse-pounding tough, it can be hard to reach deep and find your best. But that’s what makes a Mudder. Big or small, tall or thin, Mudders all have the fire inside that drives them to be their best, to overcome whatever’s ahead, to finish.

Watch the final installment of the digital series as Mirna, Bobby, and Denise get ready to crush the course and face their fears all over again. 

“People that are taking on challenges in their lives, come to these events to find their best.”
-Tough Mudder Emcee, Sean Corvelle

Tune in HERE to watch Bobby, Denise, and Mirna, the Real Heroes, the True Mudders, tackle the course at Tri-State Mudder and overcome the Challenge Within. Get to know their stories and what drives them to find their best, day in and day out, whether they’re on the course or not. Because obstacles are everywhere - it’s all about how you face them.

See what a real Mudder is made of.

Flatbush Pictures and Judd Ehrlich, the award-winning documentary team behind We Could Be King, the 2014 Sports Emmy Award-winner for Outstanding Sports Documentary, and recipient of a Grand Clio, is the executive producer of the series, along with Jesse Bull of Tough Mudder. Ehrlich and his team also produced the Tough Mudder web series Finish Strong.