New to Snapchat? Here's Everything You Need to Know

By TMHQ | June 17, 2017


FIND US ON SNAPCHAT by searching username (@tough.mudder) and add us as a friend (we’re friends, right) for a look at what happens behind the scenes at TMHQ and the adventurous life of Coach outside of the course.

*****On Saturday, 6/24 Tough Mudder will be a FEATURED LIVE STORY within the Snapchat Discovery page. What does that mean? "The story allows Snapchatters who are at the same event or a specific location to contribute Snaps to the same community narrative." says Snap Inc. Basically, if you see something amazing, or are doing something amazing, submit the snap to the Tough Mudder Story to be featured.******

Not familiar with Snapchat? Let’s start with the basics - it’s an app. On it, you can take pictures or videos of anything you'd like then fancy em up with filters and captions (like Instagram) or doodles to take your creative genius to the next level. 

Once your snap, or moment, is altered to your liking, send it to specific friends, or post it to your story. The catch? Videos and images on Snapchat have a lifespan of 10 seconds. After viewers see, or watch your message it disappears into thin air like it never existed - how mysterious. 

If you’re a Snapchat newbie, we suggest you watch this quick (and super helpful) tutorial from Break the Internet to learn more tips and tricks on how to use the app.