Obstacle Design Challenge: Weirdest and Greatest Obstacles

By TMHQ | June 28, 2017


For the second year in a row the Extreme Obstacle Design Challenge has brought some of the most insane, weirdest, and sadistic obstacle ideas into the realm of possibility. The obstacle innovation team whittled down the top 10 from hundreds of submissions. Vote for the obstacle you’d want to see tested in the lab this Summer and potentially out on course in 2018 (ends 6/29 at midnight). While you’re at it, check out last year's champion Ladders of Success.

Shocky Bars
Created By: Maxwell

Not at all like the innocent monkey bars of your childhood, “Shocky Bars” encourages the crowd to laugh at you, using your face to break the fall. Athletes propel across a deep, muddy drop with nothing but random electrically charged rings.

All Aboard!
Created By: Henry

Upon first glance, All Aboard seems like a splashing good time. Until you read the fine print - wobbly and weak planks barely float in a man-made bog of mud of sweat.

Spider Monkey
Created By: Jonas

Half the challenge of Spider Monkey is removing the splinters afterward.

Ball Buster
Created By: Rachel

The physics and construction of this obstacle are not the first thing which comes to mind. While this challenge would perfectly suit a hungry season of Survivor or the final caper of Lara Croft, a one-at-a-time approach to obstacles could tank the whole thing.

Cube Crazy
Created By: David

Harder to crack than a rubix.

Tug of War
Created By: Andrew

This event consists of one team hoisting people up a steep wall, and down a steep drop. I.e. start training now.



Tower of Babble
Created By: Steven

Perpetuum Muddilee
Created By: Sascha