Powered by Protein: 11 Tough Mudder Athletes Share Their Go-To Protein Snacks

By TMHQ | October 22, 2018


Tough Mudder athletes know a thing or two about how to #RaiseTheSteaks during training. For starters: You can’t crush the Toughest Event on the Planet with an empty tank. Your body is the vehicle that will take you across the finish line, so fuel it with body-boosting goodness. We asked 11 badass Mudder athletes to share the protein-packed snacks that get them through tough workouts and, of course, Tough Mudder events.     


The Athlete: Kyle "Coach" Railton

The Snack: My spirit food has to be beef jerky, lightweight, non perishable, and tastes delicious!!! Beef process’s into the body super fast feeding your muscles, and giving the body great energy. I always suggest playing around and either dehydrating your own (I'm WAY to lazy) or finding some that you personally love. Right now for me…. I've been crushing the Jack Link’s Steak bars, perfect snack size morsels!!!! See y’all in the MUD!!!!      

The Athlete: Corinna Coffin

The Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with berries + cinnamon + almond butter; RX bars (or another simple ingredient bar); trail mix with nuts, pumpkin seeds, dates and dark chocolate.  I try to stick with real food as much as possible throughout the day, and save my protein shake only for after my workouts. Even with powders, I am pretty picky about what I use and try to stick with a pure, whey protein isolate with ingredients I know and no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

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The Athlete: Ryan Atkins     

The Snack: Almond butter on toast, sometimes with banana- it has lots of carbs and fat. It’s easy on the stomach, so if i'm about to go train again, I won't have anything sitting heavy in my gut. Additionally, its pretty high in calories, so if i'm feeling bonky from my first workout, i'm guaranteed at least 1 hour of energy before I start feeling depleted again. Plus its tasty and healthy. Bonus!                                                                                                                                                                               

The Athlete: Hunter McIntyre     

The Snack: FitAID and Ribeye Steaks. After a hard workout the first thing I want is a refreshing drink. I try not to sip on stuff while I train so that I can simulate a race. FitAID has a profile of recovery ingredients to help get you ready for you next workout, so that helps. Ribeye is the best cut of meat in my mind. Full of flavor and super satisfying in the morning or before bed time. Just writing this is making me want one.

The Athlete: Eric Botsford   

The Snack: My go-to protein Snack has to be jerky. The reason it’s so good as a snack is that unlike other "Protein" bars which derive their contents from fillers and sweeteners, Jerky has all the Essential Amino Acids necessary for muscle recovery and growth. For most people they turn to Protein snacks because they are hungry and Jerky is proven to be more fulfilling to athletes than bars and chews and doesn't raise your insulin levels!!. Additionally, it is harder to hide processed ingredients in Jerky unlike Bars which can have upwards of 20+ ingredients. I want a protein source that is straightforward and will give me the most nutrients per bite!

The Athlete: Lindsay Webster         

The Snack: Greek yogurt, granola, nuts and maple syrup, or I’ll put a bunch of Greek yogurt in a smoothie.  

The Athlete: Allison Tai 

The Snack: Nuts, Mary's Gone Crackers w Hummus, Protein Bars (real sugar)  Those are all post-workout snacks - to help my body repair muscle. I tend to stick to carbs pre and during.

The Athlete: Mack Roesch   

The Snack:  A protein powder shake a bcaa’s drink and sometimes a small snack like a protein bar or Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. Bcaa’s are the go to for me to ensure I’m staying anabolic which means to prevent precious muscle from breaking down and keeping my progress going 24/7 365.    

The Athlete: Jenn Dancer    

The Snack: "Clean Protein" powder by Paleoethics. “Clean Protein” because the last thing I need during a race or competition is gut inflammation. Paleoethics products are plant base and dairy free protein. Both protein sources that keep my stomach feeling good and my body fueled!

The Athlete: Kris Mendoza

The Snack: 1. RX Bar: They have a variety of great flavors and are perfect on the go. With a very simple ingredient list, it is a healthy high-protein snack that I usually have with me when I am traveling. My favorite flavors are Blueberry and Chocolate Sea Salt!

2. If you have a little more time or are at home, I always have greek yogurt in the refrigerator (Fage for fancy boys like me...). If you don't like the taste of plain yogurt, top it off with some granola, fruit, or peanut butter. These toppings not only add flavor, but healthy carbohydrates and fats to this high protein snack. "         

The Athlete: Trevor Cichosz             

The Snack: My go to protein snacks are Beef Jerky when I am on the move and want savory food. When I’m home and want something sweet I eat Vanilla Greek Yogurt. The beef jerky is loaded with protein and sodium. Good for long runs. The yogurt is packed with protein, probiotics to keep a healthy stomach, calcium, and potassium.