RE: Tougher Mudder Championship Series

By TMHQ | September 12, 2017


Dear Mudder Nation,

In a year that has seen the unprecedented expansion of Tough Mudder’s portfolio of competitive events, TMHQ is excited to share another groundbreaking announcement for 2017: the launch of the 2017 Tougher Mudder Championship Series.

The four event series, taking place at Tough Mudder event weekends in October and November, will include three Regional Championships, one World Championship event, and a total prize purse of $50,000.

Athletes can register online for the regional events by signing up for the timed, competitive Tougher start wave at any of the three events listed below. To compete at the World Championship event, athletes will need to place in the top 10 at one of the three regionals or submit a waiver application for consideration.

Regional Championships:

World Championship:

  • Tougher Mudder World Championship - 11/4 (SoCal Weekend)

Why we’ve created the Championship Series:

As TMHQ has expanded our Competitive Series, we’ve paid close attention to the different athletes and aspirations in Mudder Nation. With each new format and industry-leading prize purse, we’ve taken note of the enthusiasm and excitement generated by the unique nature of each type of challenge.

For our ultrarunners, the Toughest and World’s Toughest events have proven to be tremendously popular challenges throughout the year. The creation of Tough Mudder X provided short-distance prodigies and heavy-lifters the opportunity to push themselves in a new way (and earn some serious cash). So what about the mid-distance specialists?

While the Tougher events that we’ve held to-date throughout 2017 have provided a popular first step into the Competitive Series, we wanted to create a Championship-level event catered towards middle-distance athletes that are just really good at the classic 10-mile Tougher Mudder. Enter the 2017 Tougher Mudder Championship Series.

What to expect at the Tougher Championship Series:

The Tougher Mudder Championship Series is based on the same core Tougher Mudder format that Mudder Nation has been taking on throughout 2017, including 10 miles of rugged terrain and 20+ signature Tough Mudder obstacles, with a few small twists:

-Obstacle variations

-Penalty loops for obstacle failures

-Qualify for the Tougher Mudder World Championship

-An increased prize purse

Position (M/F)

Regional Championships

World Championship










How to get involved:

Whether you’re ready to show off what you can do on a Tough Mudder course or simply interested in watching from the side, here’s how you can get a piece of the action:

Athletes: Don’t wait until it’s too late - head to the event pages for Tough Mudder Tri-state, Carolinas, and Las Vegas to purchase your Tougher ticket. A limited number of tickets are available - and if you want a shot at competing at the World Championship, you’ll need to hit up one of these events to qualify. Walking away with a cool $2,500 wouldn’t be too bad either.

Spectators: Want to get your eyes on the action in person (and maybe capture a bit of fame in the background of the show)? Head to the event pages for Tough Mudder Tri-state, Carolinas,  Las Vegas and SoCal to purchase your spectator pass. Remember - spectator passes are always cheaper in advance, so buy ahead of time!