Relive The Magic of The Tougher Mudder Championship Series

By TMHQ | October 31, 2017


The 2017 launch of the Tougher Mudder Championship Series is all about bringing the competitive spirit to the middle-distance athletes who are just really good (like, freaky good) at the classic 10-mile mud stickin’, ground poundin’, wall scalin’ Tougher Mudder. With obstacle variations, penalty loops, money on the line, and the chance to qualify for the Tougher Mudder World Championships taking place November 4th in SoCal, the Tougher Mudder Championships are basically the Olympics for the mid-distance mud-runnin’ specialist. For even more info about the prize purse and how to hit up or compete in one of these events, click HERE.

And for Tough Mudder superfans, thanks to Facebook Watch you can get in on the action from your couch for a little Championship Series & Chill. Follow the show page HERE or return to this post after each of the following dates to tune in right here.

Grab the 6-pack. You’ll need it after watching The Most Tougher Mudders fight rocks and mud in the Series World Championship.


October 7th: Tougher Mudder East Championship 

Nothing says grit quite like the New Jersey, so tune in as we come at you live Tri-State weekend.

October 21st: Tougher Mudder South Championship 

Hard to appreciate the fantastic Carolina foliage from the course, but the couch is another story.

October 28th: Tougher Mudder West Championship  

The beasting Las Vegas track will have you wondering if the athletes can see the strip from the mud. Hint: they can’t.

November 4th: Tougher Mudder World Championship