5 Shirts You Wear to a Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | July 30, 2019


Run the course with Mudder pride in one of these t-shirt options.

1. Custom Design

Create your own kick-ass t-shirt! Upload an image to the short-sleeve tee color of your choice on the Tough Mudder merch website and customize with the text and symbol tools to reflect your personality, fitness mantra, or team name. (Running the course as a corporate team? Check out our VIP Group & Corporate Team Packages.)

2. Volunteer Shirt

Volunteered at an event before? Wear the Tough Mudder volunteer t-shirt you got as part of the thank-you swag and show your love to the countless other MVPs who help set up the event site, greet participants and fans, cheer on runners through the toughest obstacles, and hand out those finisher headbands. (Never volunteered before? Sign up to hand out muddy hugs and high fives and get discounts on events and merchandise.)

3. Solo Runner Shirt


No team this year? Flaunt that solo status with a t-shirt! We love this guy’s DIY design proclaiming “I Need a Friend” because we all need a buddy on course to help us through obstacles (hello, Hero Carry!). And don’t forget to sign up for the Solo Runner Wave, powered by Fit Kitchen, just for Mudders like you who are looking to team up, tackle the course, and forge a new team in the mud.

4. Finisher Tee

Show off your Tough Mudder Legionnaire status and wear a finisher t-shirt from a previous course. Whether it’s from crossing the finish line this year or a “vintage” design from the early years, sporting a finisher tee will I.D. you as a Mudder with experience and lead to lots of fist-bumps with fellow crushers of the course you’re representing.

5. Anything You Want

There's no dress code on a Tough Mudder course! Wear a fishnet shirt, a crazy costume, or no shirt at all. We don't care. Strut your style however you choose. Just show up to push yourself to the limit, help out each other, and have an epically great time. 

What do you wear to Tough Mudder? Post your photos on Instagram or Facebook and tag us with #ToughMudder.