Should You Join The MVP Team? Answer These 8 Questions To Find Out

By TMHQ | November 16, 2017


Now that World’s Toughest Mudder 2017 is in the books, Dubai is the only event left on the 2017 event calender. So as the 2017 event season comes to a close, we're looking back at the epic year and doing the math on how to make it even Better. Tougher. More Epic. in 2018. And now we want to know: Are you going to help make 2018 the best yet by joining probably the best team on the planet: The Mudder Volunteer Team?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, it’s time for you to head to the MVP portal and join the team who’s making 2018 a life-changing experiences for everyone – including yourself.

Do You Look Great In Orange?

If rocking orange and showing teeth is your jam, grab your MVP shirt, volunteer, and then rock  orange all year long. Our MVPs from across the globe have helped thousands of Mudders make muddy memories, and brighten our Mudder Villages and course with smiles and a dash of orange.

Are You Awesome At Helping Others Conquer Challenges?

If the answer is “yes”, and it should be from every Legionnaire and Mudder Nation Aficionado, then we want you on our team. We just launched our roles for 2018 so if you fancy joining this epic team then now’s the chance to choose your role….

Are You The Best High-Fiver?

If you’re an A+ high-fiver and good at motivational one-liners, then we want you out the course encouraging mudders to conquer those obstacles. Trust us, your good vibes can go a long way on obstacles like Pyramiad Scheme and Snot Rocket. 

Are You A Tech-Whizz?

If tech is your jam, iPhones are no sweat for you, and you could connect to wi-fi in your sleep, then we want you at check-in. We’ll equip you with the tech and you’ll be ready to fly.

Are You Doc, Nurse, or Medic?

If you’re a doc, nurse, or EMT we want you to join our industry leading medical team and help us fix-up those Mudder who get snagged during Kiss of Mud 2.0, get a little Balls To The Wall rope burn, or get a calf cramp during Mud Mile.

Do You Have UTV Experience?

Yes, we just asked this. Yes we might let you drive one in-and-around the mud.

Do You Have Lifeguarding Experience?

If you have water safety experience, then we want you buoy and all standing guard on obstacles like Arctic Enema, Snot Rocket, Funky Monkey The Revolution, and The Block Ness Monster.

What Are You Waiting For?

Head to the MVP portal now by clicking HERE.