Spoil Your Tough Pup With These Treats

By TMHQ | November 21, 2017


Whether your pet comes on your long training run with you, licks the sweat off your skin when you walk through the door after the gym, or snuggles up to you after every Tough Mudder Full, they’re the shoulder you lean on. So it’s natural to want to include them on your holiday gift list. Here’s how to show ‘em you care.

1. Nail Clipper

Doggie's nails looking a little caked in mud or long? Not a problem when you have these high-quality, no-pain nail trimmers.

Amazon.com; $21.99

2. Puppy Mudder T-Shirt

Okay, this might not be for your pup. But every pup wants a stylish owner at the other end of the leash, and this ultra comfortable, modern-cut, %100 cotton tee will do the trick.

ToughMudderGear.com; $28.00

3. Doggie Waterbottle

If your tough pup is dead in the throes of of Tough Mudder training with you, then this doggie waterbottle is a must.

Amazon.com; $16.95

4. Nuzzle Collar

Created by former Apple industrial design chief Robert Brunner, the GPS-enabled smart collar is compatible with iPhones and Androids, which means worried owners can track their pets’ location on their phones. Imagine how short Homeward Bound would have been if Chance, Shadow and Sassy had received collars for Christmas.

HelloNuzzel.com; $189.99

5. A BarkBox Subscription

For a monthly fee, BarkBox sends your pup a box filled with four to six toys and treats. The company lets owners specify what their dogs’ likes and dislikes, and curates accordingly. True or False? Life’s boring when there’s nothing to look forward to coming in the mail? That’s what we thought.

BarkBox.com; $35.00/1 month

6. Puppy Hoodie

This bamboo knit fleece hoodie is perfect for any pups with allergies. The hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced, comfortably soft hoodie features a harness opening on the back, so pups don’t get tangled before going on a walk. Most importantly? It makes them look tough.

LoveThyBeast.com; $56.00

7. Gingerbread Dog Treats

Tis the season to give your dog a taste of the holiday season with these homemade, all-natural dog treats. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with treatin’ your pup after a long day of Tough Mudder training.

Jakeshealthyhound.etsy.com; $5.00

8. Cooling Gel Pet Mat

If your fuzzy little guy is prone to heating up, this comforting cooling gel mat will get them feeling chill in no time at all. Spoiled? You bet. What’s more, the pressure-activated cooling gel keeps them comfortable and works automatically.

Amazon.com; $33.00

9. Tough Mudder Ugly Sweater

Okay, you caught us. This sweater might not be dog-sized, but we’ve got a feeling that you’re pup is going to take to snuggling up with this black-n-orange ugly sweater. It’s soft, it’s ugly, and it’s almost better than a headband. So you should probably buy it. Your pup will thank you later.

ToughMudderGear.com; $50.00

10. Tough Mudder Ski Beanie

Call all small-pup owners, this hat is basically a doggie sleeping bag for the little guys. You'll see...

ToughMudderGear.com; $25.00

Or you could get really wild and bring your pup to an event for the ultimate ~experiance~ gift.  2017 brought more pups into the mud than ever before. With obstacles like Barktic Enema,  Puppy Pyramid, Electroshock Therapuppy (okay, more like Artic Enemy, Pyramid Scheme, Electroshock Therapy), your pup will thank you for the chance to show off their toughness. Watch in awe as your elite crew of ruff runners take on the tuffest obstacle course known to canine kind. 

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