This Team Ran With The American Flag… And It Didn’t Touch The Ground Once

By TMHQ | November 30, 2017


This blog was written in conjunction with Howarth Lawn Care, winner of the Aflac Small Business Challenge for the month of November.

What happens when a team of Legionnaires take on the mud on Veterans Day? With an emphasis on honoring first-responders, the military and veterans, Team Howarth Lawn Care decided to take on Tough Mudder Houston’s 10 miles of team-oriented obstacles…all while holding the American flag.

“One of our team members, Brett Veit, had the idea to honor our vets by carrying the flag through the entire course. While, none of us who went in the 10 am wave are active military or veterans, one of the guys who was originally going to run with us, but decided to run the competitive wave is  active military in the Marine Corps. And we wanted to show our support to active, retired, and even those that have been lost by carrying the flag. Everyone took a turn in running with the flag, and we all came together to conquer the obstacles while keeping the flag high, never allowing it to touch the ground,” one team member told TMHQ.

The team took on the mud holding the flag high through every single obstacle, so it’s not surprising that Mudder Nation shouted out in celebration as the team ran past. But Everest presented the team with most beautiful moment on course. “Michael Howarth was the one carrying the flag when we reached Everest. A few of us went ahead to the top. Then, Michael ran up with the flag, handing it off to Brett Veit, who was waiting up top. Everyone watching erupted in applause as the flag made it to the top. It was a shining symbol of the perseverance of the men and women who have and do serve our great country. And those who gave the ultimate price,” the team said.

The team didn’t even allow the flag to sweep the ground during the buzz and shot of Electroshock Therapy. “At the end of the course, Brett ran through the Electric Shock Therapy, still holding the flag, and never once allowing it to touch the ground even when he was shocked,” the team added.

Check out these 8 amazing photos of the team conquering the mud flag-in-hand.

1. At The Top Of Balls To The Wall

2. Descending Pyramid Scheme

3. Half-way Through…

4. Through Mud Mile 2.0

5. Hero Carry

6. Up Everest

7. Strategizing The Reach Around


8. Almost There…

Feeling inspired? Are you and your co-workers ready to take your team to the next level? Sign up for a Tough Mudder HERE.

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