TM Insta Contest: 8 Inspiring #TMStrong Photos

By Melissa Benjamin | December 15, 2014


With the 2014 Mudder season coming to an end in Adelaide this past weekend, we're reliving some of our favorite moments from 2014. Every weekend we are hosting a #TMInstaContest on our Instagram page. Use the weekend's hashtag for your chance to be featured here on our blog, with the best photo winning a ticket to a Tough Mudder 2015 event.

This weekend, hundreds of you submitted your idea of what it means to be #TMStrong. From physical feats to charitable causes to overcoming obstacles, Mudders around the world showed us how many ways there are to be #TMStrong. Check out 8 of our favorites:

8. @shan_noland

4x tough mudders :) this tough mudder was probably the most challenging, we covered 2600 ft of elevation change and ran ski slopes! But I accomplished all the obstacles without any help including the 12 foot walls so I am pretty proud of myself :) 4 down, 6 to go until we get our 10x mudder black and orange sweat bands! #tahoe2014 #toughmudder #TMStrong #TMInstaContest

7. @mabbit

Just a little further...! Couldn't finish this obstacle at #toughmudderireland this year but going to come back for #TM2015 stronger and faster than last time! #TMStrong #TMInstaContest

6. @iangravess

#toughmudder #TMStrong

5. @seaa_chelle

#TMStrong #Legionnaire #takemeback

4. @stumpy5555

#TMStrong #TMInstaContest #electroshocktherapy #toughmudder #ocr #alberta #2014finisher #legionnaire #gunshow

3. @brimarie44

#TMStrong #ToughMudder #LasVegas little brother and sister

2. @caylamckeon

Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do; the only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself. Almost 2 years after my back surgery and I'm stronger than I was before. I take every small step as an accomplishment and make every day something to remember. From being told I'll never run again to finishing 10 miles on Saturday, I am truly thankful for all the obstacles I've overcome in my life. They've only inspired me and made me stronger. I'm so thankful for this badass, I don't think I would've been able to finish if it weren't for her and for my whole team! #TMStrong #ToughMudder2014

And the winner is: @drannebarger

Tough Mudder Ohio with my fiancé. Hand made pink ribbon in memory of my mom. @jritz210 #TmInstaContest #TMStrong #muddercouple #beatbreastcancer

Thanks to everyone for submitting photos. Stay tuned to our our Instagram page Friday for this weekend's theme.