TMHQ Obstacle Insights: Top 5 Tips for Toppling Everest

Published on January 23, 2014 by Matt Alesevich

The only parts of your body not throbbing are the one's you've lost feeling in. You stop to wince, and the dried mud on your face cracks where smiles did eight miles ago. You look up and there she is—Everest. “Why didn't they put this earlier?” you think to yourself. Following is, “How do I get up this thing?”

As the devious answer to question one is far too obvious, let's spend our TMHQ QT today on question two. Straight from our mad-minded course creators, here are Tough Mudder's top five tips for toppling Everest.

Don't. Stop. Running.

In addition to all the motivating Mudders extending helping hands atop TM's most ominous obstacle, you've got another great friend by your side at its base—physics.  And just as your team gives you the emotional momentum you need to conquer Everest, your mass at its highest velocity gives you the likeliest chance of reaching the high point of an object. Translation? Start from far back and run… fast.

Think Up, Not At

The most common mistake made ascending Everest is leaving one's feet too early and leaping while there's precious ground yet to be covered. Unless we've (spoiler alert) drenched Everest with water, soap or vegetable oil (oops), you should be able to get a full, strong footstep in at the three-quarters mark before it turns vertical.

Use Your Imagination

Just as Olympic sprinters are taught to envision the finish line yards beyond the actual finish line, it's best to imagine the summit of Everest being a foot higher than it is, preventing you from slowing down at the most crucial moment. Additionally, don't zero in on the downward reaching hands of your fellow Mudders—keep your eyes on the summit or beyond.

It's in the Pits

If you manage to get your forearms flat and parallel to the obstacle's top ledge with your armpits tucked in its lip, hold on tight. Once your fellow Mudders have their hands locked under your armpits, let them lift you if possible. If they're unable to, call out a three-count and swing your dominant leg to the upper ledge as they lift you. On a second three-count, roll over your dominant shoulder and onto the flat summit.

Pass It On

Whether you're a freak of nature who dominated Everest sans hands or a thirtieth-times-a-charm journeyman, no descent from Everest should take place before lending a helping hand to at least one Mudder below. After thanking your spotters, get down, look down and boldly extend Tough Mudder's living icon—a muddy reaching hand.

Like a Tough Mudder itself, your time on Everest is about the experience. Spend some time at the base cheering on the Mudders ahead of you. Enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you plan your ascent route. And most importantly—bask in the cooperative energy of the human spirit all around you—a spirit as inspiring and wondrous as Everest itself.