Top 8 Tech Treats For Your Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | November 21, 2017


Do you have a Mudder who’s been known to go head-first through Kiss of Mud with a go-pro strapped to their heads? This gift list is for them. These gifts may be on the pricey side, but can you really put a price on the face of a Mudder opening a gift that let’s ‘em know you just get ‘em? Rhetorical question.  

1. Go Pro Hero5 Session

Know a Mudder who’s been dreaming of going through Artic Enema with a camera that can get in on the action? This little guy is the one your Mudder will want when size matters. All they have to do is wear it, mount it, and love it.; $299.99

2. Cord Taco

With all those cords jammed into your backpack, 20% of your techies’ time is spent untangling wires, earbuds, and USBs. But now you’re here to the rescue with a wallet for cords, or a cord taco if you will. This little guy is giving a new meaning to #TacoTuesday. And it’s leather, so it’s fresh-to-death.; 3/$25.00

3. Echo Dot

OCR are the best sport, but this hockey-puck shaped device is your new virtual assistant. Alexa, how many days until my next Tough Mudder? Alexa, how do I download the Tough Mudder training guide? Alexa, what should I eat before, after, and during my Tough Mudder training? The Q’s you can ask are endless. Oh, and thanks to integration with Amazon Prime Music, Spotify Premium, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Audible, you can also use the Echo Dot to stream music throughout your home while you’re watching Tough Mudder Bootcamp Live.; $49.99

4. AirPods

These thumb-sized buds will change the way you listen to music. And they’re basically magic. Seriously, whenever you pull your AirPods out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Next generation, are we right? Add some tech-fashion to your techies ears, they’ll thank you.; $159.00

5. Anker USB Port

Between heart rate monitors, iPhones, USB flash drives, and all the other chargers you know your techie has, plug-in space is in high demand. So gift ‘em with this hub that expands the number of USB ports that can work with your laptop. On one end of the accessory is a USB-C cable that plugs directly into a compatible port. On the other, you’ll find four USB 3.0 ports, effectively expanding what you can plug into your USB-C-ready computer. Basically, your pal will never have an excuse to be less than fully charged again.; $17.99

6. The Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is the most fashion-forward fitness tracker a Legionnaire can wear on and off course. Like a high-tech watch, the Blaze continuously tracks heart rate through the the wrist through a process that involves sending an LED light through your skin and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back.

The Blaze does more than monitor heart rate. It also serves as a GPS, comes preloaded with several workouts, tracks sleep, and displays smart notifications like texts, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, and calls. Between the heart rate/fitness tracking, removable and washable straps, sleek design and smooth touchscreen, the Blaze is extremely user-friendly for any Mudder.; $199.95

7. Engraved Mount Everest Phone Case

Protect your phone with the beauty of a hand-made Mount Everest Engraved natural real wooden case. Plus, every time you take out your phone you can reminisce about the time you conquered Tough Mudder Everest 2.0 with your Tough Mudder team. Inexpensive, high-quality, and sweet-looking, this case makes a great for tough techie.; $29.00

8. Gear Fit2 Pro

Samsung’s newest wearable fitness tracker, the Gear Fit2 Pro, is your standalone music player, swim-ready bracelet, goal-crushing app containing beast of a heartrate monitor. It’ll give you a more accurate view of your performance, all-day-calorie-burn, and steps taken daily. Plus, its battery lasts for days.; $199.99

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