The Top Tough Mudder Moments of 2017

By TMHQ | December 14, 2017


2017 shaped up to be the most epic season yet for Tough Mudder: new obstacles, new events, new venues, new media. Same Tough Mudder spirit. Consider this your ultimate 2017 Tough Mudder rundown. 


We Launched A New Breed of Fun-Run: Tough Mudder 5K 

Tough Mudder 5K is not your average fun run. With 10 signature teamwork obstacles crammed into 3 wild miles, this Tough Mudder event is all the tough with none of the mud. There’s no timing chips or first-place medals, just a party on pavement with your team.

The Inaugural 5K event took place in Nashville’s most iconic venues: Nissan Stadium. Titan’s fans got to get vertical on Everest 2.0 as they sprinted up a slick quarter pipe, lent a helping hand (or shoulder, or leg, or head) on Pyramid Scheme as they worked together to form a human pyramid, and they even swung their way to success on Ape Shit.


Swing to the next ring or plummet 30 feet below into a giant wanna-be bouncey house. Enough said.

We Disrupted The Competitive Sports Industry With TMX


This Summer in the Twin Cities, we pushed tough to it’s limits. We paired 10 obstacles with 10 workouts, and then contained the 20 fitness challenges into a single mile. The Inaugural Tough Mudder X event was the most insane race of Summer, if not, ever. We matched functional fitness fanatics against endurance race athletes for a pulse-pounding, one-mile competition that totally disrupted the competitive sports industry. The result? The good were pushed to greatness, and the toughest athletes on the planets were pushed beyond their limits. The TMX athletes, referees, spectators, and TMHQ got to see what happens when a course slows down fast and beats up fit. 

CBS Aired America’s Toughest Mudder Series

Finally, a chance to re-live all the epic, insane pulse-pounding action of World’s Toughest Mudder 2016. Plus, a chance to get a taste for the competition and camaraderie that will continue to take place on the course in 2017. On CBS and CBS Sports Network, you can now see last year’s Mudders, including last year's winners Trevor Cichosz, Ryan Atkins, Jon Albon, and Stefanie Bishop overcome the exhausting 24-hour challenge of World’s Toughest.  Whether it’s taking a look back at what it took to get course-ready for the course in 2016, kicking back to watch the main event: World’s Toughest Mudder, or getting some behind-the-scenes aftershow action, CBS and CBS Sports Network have got it covered.

Oh, and while we're talking about TV, you might as well mark your calendars to tune into CBS Sports’ coverage of World’s Toughest Mudder 2017 airing on 12/23 at 12:00pmEST only on CBS. It’ll be an epic 1-hour show down that’ll have you asking, are they even human? There’s never a bad time to relive the magic. And if you're a Mudder-on-the-go, good news: in addition to availability on CBS TV, the show will also be streaming on CBS All Access

The Number of Tough Mudder Half Events More Than Doubled

Run. Jump. Play. Climb. Everything. Tough Mudder half was made for those who are all about pushing themselves to get tougher and this year we brought Tough Mudder Half to a whole slew of new locations like New Orleans, New Hampshire, Philly, and Chicago. Tough Mudder Half is not a race, but an experience in personal accomplishment, collaboration, and most of all, good ol’ FUN. With the help of your fellow Mudders, Tough Mudder Half is all about overcoming mud-drenched obstacles and adrenaline-pumping challenges. Plus, you’ll do it all while having the most fun you’ve had in recent memory.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp Launched And Revamped Group Fitness

Tough Mudder spent the past year incognito, prototyping and developing a unique program: Tough Mudder Bootcamp. TM Bootcamp revolutionizes the approach to both functional and group fitness. Yes, it will prepare you for any Tough Mudder event, but it will also make you stronger, gritter, and more powerful for life. By combining high-intensity-training with the teamwork Tough Mudder has become known for, TM Bootcamp brings you a 45 minute class that delivers a full-body workout that is fun, unique and challenging while hitting on the 4 pillars of fitness: power, strength, endurance, and agility.Now, we’re challenging WOD-enthusiasts and HIIT-champs to step outside the box and try out a workout that will put toughness to the test. Find out more about Tough Mudder Bootcamp here. Or tune into Tough Mudder Bootcamp Streaming here

We Declared Tough Mudder The Best Date Ever 

500 gallons of grad A Mud, sweat, 20 obstacles, and a finish-line beer? If those aren’t the ingredients of a perfect date, we know nothing. Between all the “dirty” talk, friendly competition, extra-fun clean up, and like-minded Tribe, love flourishes in the mud. Need more proof that getting it on with Coach in the mud is a straight-shot to romance? Love Master (okay, Season 11 winner of the Bachelorette) Shawn Booth, took on Nashville 5K for the Inaugural Tough Mudder 5K and crushed it.

We Announced A New World’s Toughest Mudder Category: Team Relay 

This year we added a format that pitted teams of 4 or more from across the nations and across the world against each other in a strategic 24-hour competition. Up for grabs with this additional category within the National Team Relay competition was pride, a sweet trophy, and ultimate international bragging rights. Our thought process: if the mud wasn’t enough to get you on course, maybe some metal (and no we’re not talking about King of Swingers) would be.

We Brought You An Epic Sunrise Event: Toughest Mudder

Since 2010 athlete's been having crawling through 10 miles of mud and scaling, slogging, and muscling through 20+ obstacles. This year we introduced Toughest Mudder to bring an epic 8 hour obstacle course that that takes teamwork, stamina and mental grit to the extreme—all between the hours of midnight Saturday night and 8AM Sunday morning. Toughest Mudder is the ultimate challenge for Mudders insane enough to push themselves beyond anything they've ever experienced. Plus, for those that want to take it one step further, the event series will act as a qualifier to make it into the Contender Category at World's Toughest Mudder (which includes eligibility for prizing a.k.a money).

We Got Coachified And So Did You

Every Tuesday on the Tough Mudder YouTube Channel, a new Coachified episode featuring the one and only Coach T. Mud as he takes on team-building adventures, comfort zone-crushing tasks, and Tough Mudder inspired fitness challenges. Whether it’s endurance training, equipment free workouts, long-distance running, Coach tackles it all with the grace Mudder Nation knows to expect from everyone's favorite short-short wearing M.C.

WTM Took It Home

On November 11, 2017, 1,655 Tough Mudders gathered for the 7th annual World’s Toughest Mudder outside of Las Vegas, NV. World’s Toughest Mudder is the most iconic endurance event in the world, the toughest 24-hour obstacle race on the planet, The Super Bowl of Endurance Sports. And this year’s race proved no less gritty, gutsy, or challenging. With 21 obstacles and plenty of elevation gain on every 5-mile loop, the Last Dance in the Desert was a memorable one. From Ryan Atkins hitting a WTM distance record, to newcomer Rea Kolbl unexpectedly taking the female win, to a wedding and an engagement, oh, and not to mention Roxie the Dog tackling the mud, WTM 2017 was one for the books.