Tough Mudder Bootcamp Set to Revamp How You Work Out

By TMHQ | May 17, 2017


10% of people who sign up for a Tough Mudder, never make it to the start line. We decided to investigate what was keeping people from showing up and found that shockingly, these people were almost all entered as individuals and reported preparing for the event alone.


We found this revelation powerful - that teamwork is just as important in the preparation for an event as it is for the successful completion of one.  And if teamwork can motivate a person to put themselves through a grueling obstacle course - how powerful could it be to fuel our daily fitness goals?

We knew immediately we had to create a social, team-work oriented fitness concept that would be able to bring this tremendous source of motivation and accountability to the daily grind of working out.  We have not only created one of the best, full-body functional workout programs, but we are delivering it in a way that only Tough Mudder can – grounded in camaraderie, teamwork, personal accomplishment and fun.

The Tough Mudder Bootcamp is changing the game.  Our functional and dynamic approach to group fitness is always done in groups, teams and with partners, to build accountability, push participants beyond what they thought was possible and train our athletes into capable, strong performers on an obstacle course or any physical challenge important to them.

Each day’s 45 minute class features a unique workout, aimed to deliver a full-body workout that is fun, customizable [to challenge all fitness levels] and safe. Training programs are built against four fitness pillars: Power, Strength, Endurance and Agility. Want to learn more? Head on over to