The Tough Mudder Couple Workout: 5 Moves to Get You BOTH in Shape

By Erika.Janes | February 13, 2019


There's the usual way you and your significant other can work up a sweat with each other—we don’t need to get into details, right?—and then there’s the Tough Mudder way: by working out together. The benefit of the latter? It can actually increase your odds of success at your next Tough Mudder event. Research published in JAMA Internal Medicine has shown that people are more likely to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals if their partner makes the same positive changes.

But the advantages of working out as a couple go beyond the physical: When you hit the gym or trails together, you don't just strengthen your bod—you can actually strengthen your relationship. "Couples working out together, raising their endorphins, can help to create deeper love and appreciation for one another," says Tough Mudder Bootcamp Creative Director Eric “ERock” Botsford, who created the couple workout below. Plus, if you're both super busy—and really, who isn't?—putting a shared workout on your calendar creates a instant way to connect. Botsford and his wife, who have been training and competing together for more than 10 years, find that couple workouts help them resolve conflicts, and also just have fun pursuing a shared interest together. "Between work, kids, and life, we're constantly on the go," he says. "When we work out together, it's a time when all the stress slips away and we just focus on each other. We're in the moment, smiling, and not taking ourselves too seriously."

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So sign up for a Tough Mudder, get your S.O. on board, start training together, and prepare to crush your fitness and relationship goals. 

The Couple Workout

Start with three killer moves for your lower body and core. Repeat this sequence 5 times:

Squat hold/Hi Knee X 20/Switch

Couple workout moves: squat hold/high knee


Partner Sit Ups X 15

Couple workout moves: partner sit-ups


Partner Synced Squat Jumps X 10

Couple workout moves: partner synced squat jumps


Next, move on the part of the couple workout that'll really leave you feeling connected:

Every :90 for 10 Rounds, alternate partners

Partner Burpees X 8 reps

Couple workout moves: partner burpees


50m Chariot Run X 1 Sprint

Couple workout moves: chariot run

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