Tough Mudder Live On Facebook

By TMHQ | September 26, 2017


Tough Mudder Live

This season, we’re doin’ tough by The Book; Facebook, that is. Tough Mudder is partnering with Facebook to bring the world a four-event series aimed at finding the most epic mid-range distance Mudders and Obstacle Course Racers in the country. All four 2018 Tougher Mudder Championship Series events - plus, as a bonus, all the goings-on at Tough Mudder and Tough Mudder Half - will be aired live on, starting October 7th. Epic hand grabs. Insane obstacles. Awesome giveaways. $50,000 on the line. This is your chance to witness Mudder Nation at its absolute finest.

Our livestream will tackle every angle of these elite competitions, from the faces and teamwork on course, to the community and camaraderie off of it. Multiple camera crews, POV shots, drone footage, and obstacle-by-obstacle commentary that will leave you breathless (and wondering whether you were the one who just spent four hours in the mud).

It’s The Most Epic Event on the on Facebook.

When to Watch:

Tougher Mudder East Championship: Saturday, October 7th at 8am - 12pm EST

Tougher Mudder South Championship: Saturday, October 21st at 8am - 12pm EST

Tougher Mudder West Championship: Saturday, October 28th at 8am - 12pm PST (11am - 3pm EST)

Tougher Mudder World Championship: Saturday, November 4th at 8am - 12pm PST (11am - 3pm EST)

How to Watch:

Just hit on the dates listed above for four epic hours of mud, tough, and teamwork you’ll never forget. You can also head on over there now and send some serious LIKES our way - every LIKE keeps Tough Mudder Live alive and muddin’, after all.

So gather up your Tough Mudder team-to-be and/or your unstoppable training partners and hunker down to watch, be inspired by, and live vicariously through The Most Epic Event on the on Facebook.

Get pumped. Get ready. Go big in 2018.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp Live

Not sure how you and your crew are going to get Mudder-ready in 2018? Well, wonder no more. Tough Mudder’s brand new partnership with Facebook is about to bring you 12 weekly follow-along workouts aimed at kicking that ass into elite obstacle-crushing gear. Starting October 4th and airing on every Wednesday at 7pm EST, Tough Mudder Bootcamp Live is your chance to train like a true Mudder Legend. Follow along with coaches E-Rock, Alex, and Beau as they welcome you into the Tough Mudder tribe with glute blastin’, sock rockin’, best findin’ workouts tailor-made for any Muddin’ style, and any fitness level. Whether you’re a first-timer or a legendary Legionnaire, E-Rock and the crew will have you course-ready in no time with these interactive - and we really do mean interactive; you can even ask questions directly to the coaches if you’re confused or, ya know, just feeling chatty - training sessions.

Tough Mudder isn’t your average obstacle course, and this isn’t your average bootcamp. So collect your crew and get fit as a family. Together, Tough Mudder and Facebook are redefining what it means to be fit.

Get fit for 2018. Get fit for life.

When to Watch:

Every Wednesday at 7pm between October 4th and December 20th, 2018.

How to Watch:

Take it to every Wednesday at 7pm between October 4th and December 20th to get fit with friends, and some serious help from the pros.

Whether you’re watching from the couch, the office, or alongside your training partners at the gym, these moves were made just for you. Try em’ out when you get the chance, see how they feel, and make sure you’re ready to crush the course in 2018.

And don’t forget about those LIKES. Following a page on Facebook means you’ll be alerted when we go live, so just think of it as a consistent reminder and a little extra motivation.