Tough Mudder Training: How to Tame Block Ness Monster [WATCH]

By TMHQ | June 15, 2016


Whether you’re prepping for a Tough Mudder or Tough Mudder Half, getting startline ready can be intimidating. That’s why we created a pretty kickass new training page complete with 3 month, 2 month, and 1 month downloadable workout guides that’ll take all the guesswork out of the game for you. 

You’ll need boatloads of teamwork and communication to tame this beast, but physical strength and stamina won’t hurt either. You’ll need full body pressing power to get the blocks in motion, pulling and core strength to get your body over this monster, and endurance to do it all over again, TWICE.

The Workout: 
10 pull ups
10 dumbbell thrusters
20 flutter kicks

Cycle your way through these three movements as many times as possible for 12 minutes. Concentrate on form and technique especially as fatigue kicks in, making sure you can still move well when tired because, let’s be honest - you probably won't find yourself at this obstacle fresh as a daisy.