Tough Mudder Travel Guide: Atlanta

By Cal Setar | February 28, 2017


Tough Mudder Atlanta 2017, aka Tough Mudder Hotlanta, aka Tough Mudder Paper Boi’s Hometown, aka Tough Mudder So Humid It’s Like You’re Running in the Shower.

Deep in the heart of Chattahoochee Hills, at Bouckaert Farm, you’ll be set to find your best weekend of 2017. Bouckaert has continuously been one of our most popular courses, not because of the epic views, and definitely not because it’s easy. It’s because Georgia serves up one of the most unique types of mud in all of North America. The thick, red clay is unlike anything else, trust us - it was even voted best course in North America in 2015 in part because of it. Beyond the red mud pits, the expansive rolling hay fields, pristine ponds, and deep forest trails make Bouckaert not only one of the toughest courses you’ll ever face, but the most beautiful too.

To help you prep for your jaunt to Atlanta, we’ve put together a helpful guide on some of the best places to eat, stay, and adventure, good for whether you’re looking for something to keep you loose before race day, or basking in the afterglow of another event well run.

This is what cheat days were made for.

Mudders don’t just eat. They make a statement with the food - aka fuel - they put into their bodies. It’s not just about getting ready to run over, around, and through the course - it’s about chowing down on what’s best.

At The Farmhouse and The Hil, a pair of upscale farm-to-table restaurants not far from course, all of the ingredients are sourced straight from Serenbe Farms, an organic sustainable farm producing approximately 60,000 pounds of produce per year. That’s a lot of grub. The Farmhouse and The Hil are a bit on the fancier side, but if you’re looking to celebrate another muddy memory and fill your belly with something nourishing - on several levels - then maybe it’s time to treat yo self.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just looking for a little healthy fun and a trip into Hotlanta itself. That’s cool. We get it. If so, try Lov’n It Live, where you’ll find the healthiest vegan and raw food, served against a backdrop of jazz. Located in East Point, Lov’n It serves drinks, dinner, desserts, and a whole boatload of healthy.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to have to choose. If you’re one of those Mudders looking for an adventure that’s really like, four or five adventures all rolled into one, look no further than Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club. A shooting range, infinity pools, even lakes to fish in - Foxhall literally has it all. Or at least everything that you outdoorsy types could ever get into. Foxhall is 1100 acres of ATV trail rides, horseback rides, mountain biking, and kayaking and canoeing. If the course can’t tire you out, just take a trip to Foxhall, and whatever itch needs scratching, they’ll scratch it.

As if Foxhall wasn’t enough, Historic Banning Mills is a place that more than a few Mudders are probably already familiar with. This place was practically made for Mudders. Offering adventures like kayaking, falconry, free falls, the World’s Longest Zipline Canopy Tour, the World’s Largest Freestanding Climbing Wall, and something called Crazy Squirrel Village - Banning Mills is a must for Mudders looking to keep the adrenaline flowing. If a light hike and some sightseeing is more your style, just take a quick trip to Chattahoochee Bend State Park, a 2,910-acre park offering hiking, biking, and camping that runs along the Chattahoochee river. Just keep an eye out for ticks. Need some new gear for all of your future adventures? Check out Merrell’s 2017 collection HERE.

Are Mudders normal? What is normal? Larger considerations aside, Mudders don’t tend to follow the in crowd. They like to stay ahead of things, make their own trends, see and do what others are afraid to. So sure, when you travel to Tough Mudder Atlanta you can stay at the likes of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Atlanta Southwest-Fairburn or the Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Plantation. But as Mudders, we look for the road less traveled, the unique hidden gem. For that check out  The Inn at Serenbe.

Every camped at a Tough Mudder? You should. Chattahoochee Bend State Park offers plenty of camping space - there are over 50 camping sites - so if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, just pitch a tent and kick your feet up.

Not feeling these suggestions?  Check out even more lodging options on our accommodations page here.