Tough Mudder at WODapalooza

By TMHQ | February 9, 2018


Tough Mudder joined 30,000 fitness fanatics in the Miami sun over Martin Luther King Weekend at Wodapalooza, an annual Crossfit festival that unofficially kicks off the global Crossfit Games season attracting pro and amateur athletes, and spectators the world over. TMHQ was there showcasing our very own Human Hamster Wheel, an obstacle designed to test your upper body strength and to hold a showdown between World’s Fittest Man Hunter McIntyre and Everyone Else. We also wanted to introduce the Crossfit crew to our new product Tough Mudder X. Tough Mudder X is a one mile sprint combined with workout zones and epic obstacles taking place in Miami and Sacramento leading up to the 2018 Championships in Virginia.


Crossfitters are tough & really into community

There were 1,600 athletes of all ages competing with high energy, sportsmanship, and teamwork - you know how we love teamwork at Tough Mudder. We also loved seeing so many badass women lead the sport.


Crossfitters are super fly

Crossfitters have fly style. For starters, They prefer gymnastics gloves over weightlifting gloves. They favor midriff tops, bright colors and patterns, and for the women, booty shorts. This speaks goes back to the accepting and open-minded nature of this community. Being in Miami  helped bring out the midriff top on everyone. Even our TMHQ events delivery team got into the spirit:


The World’s Fittest Man Hunter McIntyre completed 35 rotations.

He may be the fittest and the fastest, but he’s apparently not the strongest. A dark horse showed up to achieve a whopping 78 rotations. The average contestants did between one and 10 rotations, so rest assured these guys are way impressive. Back to the training ground for us.


Miami is cool (check out our 2018 Miami event)

A little Miami sun never hurt anyone. The venue at Bayfront Park was right on the water in downtown Miami, and at 75 degrees, those of us from TMHQ found it a welcome respite from the winter cold. So did a lot of athletes, giving many Crossfitters a nice training break from winter weather.


It was a blast to meet future Tough Mudder X contenders in the flesh

With 30K people in attendance, we got to rub shoulders with the best in the world. This year featured crowd favorites like Katrín Davíðsdóttir, a 24-year-old named the "fittest woman on Earth" in 2015 and 2016. We got to meet her at the finish line and invited her to Tough Mudder X - if she has the guts.

You want in to probably the biggest and baddest athletic competition on the planet? We double dare you to try Tough Mudder X. You have two opportunities to qualify for Finals in Virginia in June: Sacramento, March 24th and Miami, April 7th. See you there.