Tough Mudder X Miami - Race Recap

By TMHQ | April 12, 2018


Tough Mudder X Miami is over, and just one question remains: Can anyone dethrone Hunter McIntyre and Corinna Coffin? These two Tough Mudder Pro Team members put on another how-to-crush clinic and showed the field what championship performances look like in this new hybrid sport, which is the ultimate test of speed, strength, and movement efficiency. Here’s how it all went down:

The Race - Championship Round


Workout zone #1

-15 sandbag cleans (95 lbs male, 65 lbs female)

-Sled drag & pull (180 lbs male, 135 lbs female)

-15 box jumps (24” male, 20” female)

-15 pull ups 

200 meter run

Obstacle #1

600 meter run

Obstacle #2

Obstacle #3

200 meter run

Obstacle #4

100 meter run


Workout zone #2

-15 sandbag thrusters (80 lbs male, 50 lbs female)

-Bear crawl (20 meters)

-Weighted overhead lunges (25 meters)

-15 atlas bag cleans-over-shoulder (105 lbs male, 75 lbs female)

100 meter run

Obstacle #5

200 meter run

Obstacle #6

200 meter run to Finish


Men’s Recap:


On the men’s side, Hunter made a powerful statement with a final time of 10:44, a whopping 1:22 ahead of second-place finisher Isaiah. Third-place finisher Jacob Heppner was just 3 seconds behind Isaiah, shaving more than a minute off his third-place time from Sacramento. With more experience under his belt after two qualifying events, Heppner is sure to be a challenger for the top spot on the podium at the Tough Mudder X Championships in Richmond, Virginia, on June 8th. Here’s how the Top 10 men finished:

1. Hunter McIntyre (10:44)
2. Isaiah Vidal (12:06)
3. Jacob Heppner (12:09)
4. Mack Roesch (12:33)
5. Matt Kempson (13:14)
6. Carter Williams (14:14)
7. Matt Kinback (14:23)
8. Michael Miraglia (14:45)
9. Dylan Miraglia (14:54) 
10. Jack Bauer (15:09)


Women’s Recap:

The women’s race gave us the most exciting back-and-forth competition seen at a Tough Mudder X event to date. Right out of the start gate, some competitive jostling between Corinna Coffin and Cassidy Watton proved that the rivalry from last year is alive and well.  Cassidy started strong on the first workout zone and took an early lead. The lead then passed between Orla Walsh and Corinna Coffin leading into the second workout zone, where a four-way battle for first place ensued between Corinna, Orla, Cassidy, and newcomer Sarah Harrison. Corinna and Sarah were able to power through the final atlas bag over-the-shoulder cleans the quickest, and left for the final two obstacles looking like they would lock up first and second places. However, the final obstacle, Funky Monkey, proved too much for Sarah as she slipped on the final bar, falling into the water and opening the door for Orla and Cassidy to slip through and take 2nd and 3rd place. While it was a heartbreaking end to the race for Sarah, she proved that she will be a top contender to challenge Corinna at the Tough Mudder X Championships in Richmond, Virginia, on June 8th. Here are the Top 10 women’s times:

1. Corinna Coffin (14:44)
2. Orla Walsh (15:47)
3. Cassidy Watton (16:04)
4. Sarah Harrison (16:22)
5. Cassandra Ohman (19:30)
6. Kelly Valdez (20:15)
7. Jennifer Bleeker (20:33)
8. Kirstie Russel (21:26)
9. Michelle Aitken (21:52)
10. Casey Seland (23:33)

If you didn’t catch the live stream, here are some of the highlights to watch:

Men’s final:

-Hunter runs away with it (1:05:30)
-Jacob passes multiple athletes while making the atlas bag shoulder to overhead cleans at 105 pounds look like a bag of wonder bread (1:04:50) and nearly catches Isaiah in the final stretch (1:06:30)

Women’s final

-Heidi Williams, 59 years old, comes in 11th overall and #partywithheidi starts trending (1:48:30)
-Corinna and Cassidy bump elbows at start (2:05:05)
-Top 4 women head-to-head at workout zone #2 (2:13:15)
-Sarah Harrison jumps into second, fails Funky Monkey and drops from 2nd to 4th (2:19:15)

That’s a wrap on the Tough Mudder X Open season! With the birth of this incredible new sport, we’re seeing athletes from across the athletic spectrum quickly learn to adapt to the demands of this new format and push each other to the limit. And with 100 of the best athletes on the planet planning to make the journey to Virginia in June for the Tough Mudder X Championships, we’re looking forward to seeing the best competition yet.