Tough Mudder X Open Workout Movement Standards

By TMHQ | March 14, 2018


Tough Mudder X Open, presented by Kill Cliff, is a badass one-mile course with 6 obstacles and 8 workout zones along the route. Obstacles and workouts vary by venue, but you can expect iconic obstacles like Kong, Everest 2.0, and heart-pumping workout zones with sandbag cleans, box jumps, and pull ups. Athletes will be competing for up to $4,000 in prize money, bragging rights, and Top 10 Male and Female participants will qualify for the ultimate test of wills at Tough Mudder X World Championship in Virginia on June 8, 2018.


Sandbag Cleans


- Each rep must begin with the sandbag resting on the ground
- Each rep must conclude with the sandbag in a front rack position, resting across shoulders
- A rep will be counted as complete when athlete is locked out at hips and knees, and elbows have crossed torso line
- Knees and hips must be fully extended at the conclusion of each rep


Sled Drag

- The sled drag can be completed from a seated or standing position
- The sled drag must be completed using the long rope from a stationary position
- The sled may not be advanced by running or walking with the rope during the sled drag
- The sled drag is complete when the leading edge of the sled crosses the line
- Athlete must return the sled to the starting position at the far end using the short rope during the sled pull
- Leading edge of sled must cross line at far end during sled pull for the rep to be complete


Box Jump-Overs


- All jumps must begin with a two-foot takeoff
- Both feet must touch the ground on the opposite side of the box for the rep to count
- Lateral or box-facing jumps allowed
- Step-ups are not allowed. Step-downs are allowed
- If an athlete contacts the box with their hand(s) at any time, it will be judged a no-rep


Pull Ups


- All reps must begin with arms fully extended
- All reps must conclude with chin fully over the bar
- Kipping is allowed
- Overhand, underhand, or mixed grip are all allowed


Weighted Overhead Lunges

- Athlete must start in a standing position, with the weight carried overhead. Arms do not have to be locked out but weight must remain overhead while lunging
- Athlete may drop the weight or rest the weight on shoulders or back, but cannot make any forward progress while doing so. Forward progress can only be made by completing lunges with weight supported overhead 
- Athlete must lunge all the way across both midway line and finish line
- Rear knee must make contact with the ground each time


Bear Crawl

- Athlete’s knees and elbows may not touch the ground
- Athlete must move head first and remain on “all fours”, progressing forward using only hands and feet in contact with the ground
- Athlete must do unbroken bear crawl from start line to finish line
- Any failure during the bear crawl will results in a no-rep and athlete must return to the start line and restart attempt




- Each rep must begin from a standing position with legs straight, knees and hips locked out
- Athlete must squat down until their butt makes contact with the medicine ball below
- Each rep must conclude with the athlete returning to a standing position with legs straight, knees and hips locked out
- Failure to touch the medicine ball with the butt will result in a no-rep
- At no point may the athlete contact their legs with hands or arms


Bag-Facing Burpees


- Athlete must begin in a standing position with knees and hips locked out
- At the bottom of the burpee, athlete must make contact with chest to ground with legs fully extended
- The rep must complete with a jump over the sand bag to the opposite side. Stepping on the bag or contacting the bag with feet will count as a no-rep
- For each rep to count, athlete must be facing the bag before dropping to the ground