Tough Mudder X Sacramento - Race Recap

By TMHQ | March 28, 2018


The first ever Tough Mudder X Open event took place this past weekend on Saturday, March 24 in Sacramento, CA.  Tough Mudder X is the ultimate test of speed, strength, and movement efficiency, and these athletes put the pedal to the medal and didn’t stop until they crossed the finish line.  On the line was $6,000 in prize money for winners and the chance to qualify for the Tough Mudder X Championships in Richmond, VA on June 8th for the top 10 male and female finishers.



The Race - Championship Heat


200 meter run

Workout Zone #1

- 15 sandbag cleans (95 lbs male, 65 lbs female)
-50’ sled drag and pull (180 lbs male, 135 lbs female)
- 15 box jump overs (24” male, 20” female)
- 15 pull ups
- 400 meter run

Obstacle #1:  Berlin Walls (10’ tall wall)

400 meter run

Obstacle #2:  Just the Tip (overhead grip strength traverse)

200 meter run

Obstacle #3:  Funky Monkey (monkey bar apparatus)

200 meter run

Obstacle #4:  Kong (overhead ring traverse)

Workout Zone #2

- Sandbag thrusters (80 lbs male, 50 lbs female)
- 60-foot bear crawl
- 80-foot walking lunges with 40 lb slosh pipe overhead
- 15 atlas bag cleans-over-shoulder (105 lbs male, 75 lbs female)

100 meter run

Obstacle #5:  Everest (14-foot tall quarter pipe)

50 meter run to Finish


Men’s recap:

On the men’s side, we saw a fierce battle for the top spot between last year’s TMX winner and runner-up, Hunter Mcintyre and Isaiah Vidal.  Both got off to a fast start and Isaiah held a small lead after the 1st Workout Zone, then was passed by Hunter during the run before Obstacle #3.  At the final station of the 2nd Workout Zone, Isaiah closed the gap during the atlas bag cleans after some costly no-reps by Hunter, and Hunter sprinted off to the final obstacle with only a 10-second lead on Isaiah.   After a brutal sprint to the finish, the reigning champ Hunter Mcintyre finished just ahead of Isaiah Vidal, continuing a dramatic rivalry and setting up a fierce head-to-head battle leading to the Championships in Virginia

The men’s third place finisher, 3-time Crossfit Games athlete Jacob Heppner, made an amazing late surge at the 2nd workout zone, passing a handful of athletes thanks to some fast and efficient work on the sandbag thrusters and atlas bag cleans.  The top 10 male finishers officially qualified to compete at the Championships on June 8th and can be seen below:

1. Hunter McIntyre (10:52)
2. Isaiah Vidal (11:02)
3. Jacob Heppner (13:15)
4. Matthew Kempson (13:21)
5. Michael Miraglia (13:37)
6. Mack Roesch (13:47)
7. Ryan Kent (14:16)
8. Taylor Perkins (14:18)
9. Carter Williams (14:23)
10. David Magida (14:48)


Women’s recap:

Corinna Coffin once again brought out the big guns in Sacramento, showing everyone why she was crowned last year’s Champion.  Taking an early lead and never giving it up, Corinna came out on top of a stacked final women’s heat. Not until the overhead lunges in Workout Zone #2 did we see any sign of fatigue.  Corinna was forced to take a few short breaks and rest the weight on her shoulders during the overhead lunges, allowing the eventual 2nd and 3rd place finishers Jenn Munro and Michelle Ford to close the gap to within 4 reps on the atlas bag cleans.  In the end, Corinna was able to power through the cleans and hold on for the victory.

The top 10 women are listed below, and all have officially qualified to compete in Virginia this summer.

1. Corinna Coffin (15:26)
2. Jen Munro (16:14)
3. Michelle Ford (17:06
4. Lauren Taksa (18:03)
5. Ferne Ryder (18:27)
6. Nichole Root (18:30)
7. Brienne Doan (19:10)
8. Heather Loflin (19:24)
9. Alexandra Walker (19:28)
10. Brooke Bowen (19:55)