Tough Mudder's Weekend Warrior Guide: Long Island

By Cal Setar | March 24, 2017


Eat. Stay. Adventure.

Welcome to Tough Mudder Long Island 2017, aka Tough Mudder Lawng Guyland, aka Tough Mudder Everyone’s At Least A Little Italian, aka Tough Mudder New York City-Adjacent, aka Tough Mudder We Keep This Club Bumpin’.

Old Bethpage Restoration Village might sound like someplace you’d go for a middle school trip (and yeah, that’s definitely a thing that happens there), but that doesn’t mean the course will be a walk in the park (or a day at the beach). Classic Mudder obstacles combined with a historic landscape make for one of the most unforgettable experiences on the Tough Mudder and Tough Mudder Half slates.

To help you prep for your jaunt to Old Bethpage Restoration Village, we’ve put together a helpful guide on some of the best places to eat, stay, and adventure, good for whether you’re looking for something to keep you loose before race day, or basking in the afterglow of another event well run.

This is what cheat days were made for.

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza. Yeah, that whole “Everyone’s At Least A Little Italian” isn’t a joke - everyone on Long Island is a little Italian. Or at least their food choices are. And we know Mudders don’t like to load up on carbs - but what better post-run treat than a nice slice of New York pie? You’ll have earned it after all.

If you’re looking for something a little more than the usual takeout and delivery, maybe try a trip to Pappardelle’s Pizzeria. It’s a family friendly place with some of the best food and ambience you’ll find this side of the East River. Did we mention they have an accordionist? And if you’re looking to make your way closer to the city, we suggest Roberta’s - doesn’t look like much, but it’s the hippest (and tastiest) pizza place in Brooklyn. Be patient though, Young Mudder. This place is popular.

If you’re more inclined toward a kettle baked bagel and some lox, the Bagel Factory may be the way to go. Just around the corner from course, you can pop over here before your event, or after, with little muss or fuss.

And finally, a nice seafood dinner is a Long Island staple. For a Mudder, there’s nothing quite like the protein-packed punch of a fresh grilled piece of fish. Blue Fish offers plenty of the raw, maki, and teriyaki variety, while Taste 99 affords seafood, steak, and pasta options, all without ever having to leave Bethpage State Park.

Mudders make the most of everything. That means wringing every last little bit of awesome out of whatever experience they’re enjoying, and it means picking the most Mudder-friendly place to sleep. Because for a Mudder it isn’t just sleep - it’s recharging for your run at the course.

There are a couple of Extended Stay options within close range of course - Bethpage and Melville. Both offer basic amenities, free grab-and-go breakfast, and all the WiFi you need to check those old Coachified episodes for last minute tips and tricks you may have missed.

And just east of Extended Stay Melville is Hilton Long Island/Huntington, boasting two pools to help you keep loose without stressing those high-impact joints you’ll be using on the course.

We know what you’re thinking - what adventure can stack up against an event as tough to tackle as Tough Mudder? Truth is, we both know the coolest thing you’re doing this weekend is going down in the mud right in the heart of Old Bethpage Restoration Village. But if you’re looking for a little something to keep that heart rate up before or after your event, you’ve come to the right place.

Like the city, Long Island is a pretty closely packed place. But just because you can see the highway through the trees, doesn’t make the trail any less fun. Take a day trip to West Hills County Park and try your hand - or feet - at the full 7.5 mile hike.

Ever heard of the third-best water park in the U.S., as voted by Travel Channel? Well, now you have. Splish Splash Water Park is perfect for the whole family, from the Mini Mudders on up to the elite Mudder athletes. Shows, rides, food - Splish Splash is 96 acres of thrill-seeking fun.

For the handful of shopping-oriented Mudders among us, the Walt Whitman Shops are a short drive away. It’s like a mega mall on steroids. Shop, eat, or just walk til’ you drop.

And if you’re feeling a nice, relaxing trip to the beach, just head straight north or south. You’ll hit water eventually (Seriously - Massapequa Preserve, Tanner Park, Amityville - there’s water and sand just about everywhere).

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