Training with Meagan Martin: Tips From a Pro Rock Climber & Obstacle Expert

By TMHQ | October 18, 2018


Jack Link’s has done more than just ‘Raise the Steaks’ in the snack bar category — it’s inspiring others to 'Raise the Steaks' in their own lives. And few athletes personify that M.O. more than Meagan Martin, world-class professional rock climber, American Ninja Warrior competitor, and all-around badass athlete.

Martin began climbing at age 11 and racked up multiple podium finishes in youth competitions before turning to pole vaulting in high school and college (she was a Division 1 athlete at Vanderbilt University and is still a record-holder). She returned to climbing after an 8-year hiatus, but crushing routes wasn’t enough — so in 2014 she decided to #RaiseTheSteaks by trying out for that little televised obstacle course competition, where she became just the third woman to do the warped wall. (Clearly, that climbing-walls thing is working for her.)

We caught up with Martin as she was preparing her for next 'Raise the Steaks' moment: a National Cup bouldering competition. Here’s how she prepares — and her training tips can help you, too.

1. Stretch

“Flexibility is a really big thing in climbing,” Martin says, so she begins each workout with a good stretching session, making sure her hips, in particular, are loose.

2. Warm up

Sure, Martin can crush pro-level bouldering problems, but she starts out easy, traversing on the bouldering wall, and completing a few easy climbs before Raising the Steaks.

3. Stay Fueled

Make sure your body is fueled for your workout. For delicious protein on the go, grab a 100% beef Jack Link’s steak strip, with 8 grams of protein, 70 calories, and big-time flavor.

4. Visualize

Before every climb, Martin formulates a plan, running through the route in her head and visualizing her hand and foot placements. (Try this when you’re prepping for your next Tough Mudder: Run the entire muddy route and slay every obstacle in your mind before you do it IRL.)

 5. Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone  

“It’s always good to try new stuff,” Martin says. That’s solid advice whether you’re trying a new Jack Link’s snack or a new Tough Mudder obstacle.

So get ready to scale your own walls, grab a Jack Link’s Steak Bar, and check out the video below to get more details on how Martin prepares to #RaiseTheSteaks.


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