Tune In: LIVE Streaming From Tough Mudder Los Angeles

By TMHQ | April 11, 2016

Lights. Camera. Action.

We’re going LIVE on Saturday, April 16 for the first-ever, multi-camera livestream event on the course at Glen Helen Raceway in LA. Featuring real-time obstacle action and on-the-ground reporting from one, super official Roving Reporter, this immersive experience will have you feeling like you're up to your pits in mud from the comfort of your recliner.

Mark your calendar and set your alarm, livestreaming kicks off at 7:30am PDT on the official Tough Mudder Los Angeles LIVE coverage page on all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. 

10 Reasons to Tune In: 
  1. Channel surf through four live feeds:
    Camera 1: Follow the Official Roving Reporter of TM LA
    Camera 2: Catch Start line and Finish line feelings
    Camera 3: Don’t miss the action at Block Ness Monster
    Camera 4: Fly high with fellow Mudders at King of the Swingers
  2. Captain America Civil War Challenge: Tune in at 8:00am PDT to see 250 Mudders IN FULL COSTUME as Iron Man and Captain America crush the course
  3. Follow our Roving Reporter as he makes his way through the course catching epic moments and Mudder stories 
  4. Follow the hashtag #TMLosAngeles to to see what Mudders are up to on INSTAGRAM + TWITTER
  5. Check our FACEBOOK page for LIVE coverage from Electroshock Therapy, Arctic Enema, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder and more
  6. Watch teams conquer new obstacles and old favorites: Block Ness Monster, Frequent Flyers Club, and King of the Swingers
  7. Get training secrets from Biggest Loser trainer, Jen Widerstrom
  8. Watch Giacomo Gianniotti and his team, the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy,  as they run to raise funds, and awareness, for the charity My Friend’s Place 
  9. Watch Mudders climb Merrell’s Mudderhorn, prove how legendary they are on Old Spice’s Pop n Lock obstacle, and recount their greatest mud moment among other Base Area shenanigans
  10. Because the chance to root for friends from afar as they laugh in the face of fear, or see your arch nemesis get shocked at Electroshock Therapy is just too good to pass up