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By TMHQ | October 10, 2017


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Not sure how you and your Tough Mudder team are going to get Mudder-ready for 2018? Wonder no more. We're bringing you a 12 week follow-along workout program that’ll kick your crews ass into elite obstacle-crushing status just in time for the New Year. Starting October 4th and airing on Tough Mudder Bootcamp Live every Wednesday at 7pm EST, Tough Mudder Bootcamp Live is your chance to join E-Rock and the Tough Mudder Training Team to train with grit and power like a true Mudder Legend.

Tune in to follow along for power makin’, core torchin’, endurance buildin’ workouts made for any fitness level. Whether you’re 50 Tough Mudder Fulls into your legendary mud lovin’ life, a skeptical first-timer, or gearing up for 5 kick-ass Tough Mudder kilometers in 2018, E-Rock will have you course-ready in no time. And when you’re course ready, you’re life ready. With special guests and mud-leberties, live fitness and nutrition Q&A’s, exclusive giveaways, and the badassery you’ve come to expect from Mudder Nation, these interactive (and we really do mean interactive- you can even ask questions directly to the coaches if you’re confused or, ya know, just feeling chatty) training sessions, why wait for Jan 1st to get fit for 2018?

Over the 12-weeks, we’ll help you improve your strength, power, agility, and endurance, no-matter your fitness level. And you can even rep it out right in your living room because the Tough Mudder Training Team will keep the equipment needs low and provide alternative body-weight moves for those gettin’ down with us from home.

Tough Mudder isn’t your average obstacle course, and this isn’t your average bootcamp. So collect your crew, because we’re getting fitter, tougher, and stronger as a Nation. Together, Tough Mudder and Facebook are redefining what it means to be fit. Oh, and for more Tough Mudder Training check out our free Fall Workout Guides.

Week 1: This 17 Minute Cardio Grind Will Get You Course Ready

Burpee it out interval-style before kicking up the intensity with 12 minutes of body-weight training like box-jumps, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Warm Up: 5:00 minutes
2 X :30 seconds

Squat Jacks
Elbow To Instep Stretch
Russian Twist
Toe Touch
Side Plank Knee To Elbow

Workout Part 1: 5:00 minutes
Set a clock for 1:00. Perform :30 of Burpees at and comfortable pace where breathing is not a struggle. Rest from :30-:40 and then perform as many burpees as possible in the remaining :10 of the minute. The goal is to try and achieve ½ the reps you did in :30. At the top of the next minute begin again, trying to hold the same pace as previous. Continue for 5 total minutes.

Workout Part 2: 12:00 minutes
12 Minute EMOM Circuit
Minute 1, 4, 7, 10: 20 Sit Ups and Squats
Minute 2, 5, 8, 11: 15 Box Jumps and High Knees
Minute 3, 6, 9, 12: 10 Push Ups and Flutter Kicks

Cool Down: 2 minutes
Down Dog calf march into Cobra Stretch
Seated Hamstring Stretch + T Spine Stretch

Week 2: Powerful Legs? Tune In To Get ‘Em

This week, you’ll power up with a full-body high-intensity circuit before 10 minutes of glute blastin’, leg buildin’ lower body moves like step-ups and squat jumps.

Warm Up: 5:00 minutes
2 X :30 seconds

Touch Down Jacks
Lunge + High Knee Pull
Push Up W/ PLank Rotation
Hip Touches
Side Lunge

Workout Part 1: Power Circuit
Every :60 for 6 sets, perform the following circuit. Rest the remaining time in the minute and recover for maximal intensity each round.
3 Dumbbell Cleans
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
7 Lunge W/ Press Rotation

Workout Part 2: Lower Body Circuit
10 Minute AMRAP
5 Squat Jumps
7 Dumbbell Step Ups
9 Box Dips

Cool Down: 3:00 minutes
Pigeon Stretch. 
Couch Stretch. 
Calf Stretch. 

Week 3: We’re Coupling Core With Cardio To Build You Concrete Abs. You’re Welcome.

You’re in for a full-body core-burner workout that’ll have your obliques fired up.

Week 4: We’ll Power You Up With This Plyometric Workout

Power up with plyometric exercises like broad jumps and burpees so you’ll be able to beast on obstacles like Pyramid Scheme and Everest 2.0.

Week 5: This Workout Will Build You An Obstacle-Ready Upper Body

You’ll probably have to run your Tough Mudder in a tank after finishing this workout. You’re welcome.

Week 6: This Partner Workout Will Get Faster, Stronger, and Tougher - Together

At the event, you and your crew will have to leave your fear in the parking lot. For this workout, you’ll have to bring your grit and grind.

Week 7: You’ve Never Done A Core Workout Like This Before

You’ll be checking our FAQ’s to see if you can run your Tough Mudder shirtless after this workout. (Hint: you can).

Week 8: This Lunge Workout Will Build Leg Strength In Minutes

This 45 minute burner will grow your legs like weeds.

Week 9: These Bodyweight Intervals Will Get You To The Finish Line

The mud demands power even you’re when tired. These cardio intervals followed by explosive movements will keep you movin’ through the muddy miles.

Week 10: This Sandbag Workout Will Smoke Every Muscle In Your Body

Don’t have a sandbag? Don’t worry, E-Rock willsub it with something just as challenging. Toughen up? You must.

Week 11: Light Up Your Lower Body With This Leg Workout

This partner leg-workout is about pushing yourself, teamwork, and accomplishing something extraordinary. Yes, we just called the squat extraordinary.

Week 12: Go Balls To The Wall On Your Upper-Body

Alright Mudder Nation, it’s time to bring in the body weight, battle ropes and dumbbells ‘cause we’re celebrating a badass last week.