US MUDDERS: National Mudder Day 2017 Is Almost Here

By TMHQ | December 5, 2017


US Mudders, don’t forget to mark your calendars with what can only be described as the best day of your year. And no, it’s not Christmas. Or New Years. Or Summer Solstice. It’s National Mudder Day (go on, click the link, you know you want to). That’s right, a day devoted to you, mud-lovin’, obstacle-cravin’, headband-wearin’ Legionnaires.

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 is National Mudder Day. Whether you’ve just completed your first Tough Mudder, or are still recovering from World’s Toughest, it’s a day to recognize all the muddy accomplishments you made in 2017 and to celebrate the end of another epic season. But instead of cake and balloons we’re celebrating with Guinness, tattoos, and well over $5K in prizes. Click HERE to check out all the deals and happenings, and find out more below. 

Here’s How It Works


1. Beer Specials.

We've coaxed more than 27 bars to open their doors just for Mudders. You’re welcome. Here’s how it works: Your headband is your ticket for some awesome beer perks. No headband=No perks. So put on your last finishline prize, rock it like the mud-fashionista you are, and get ready to meet other Legionnaries daring to rock their headbands off course. Hit up Mudder Bar Hop for a list of bars that will be there to help you cheers with Guinness Blonde to your fellow Mudders on December 13th.

2. Free Tattoos.

Once a Mudder, always a Mudder. Now it’s time to prove it with something that lasts longer than what it takes to get the mud off yourself post-event… a tattoo. Here’s the deal, tattoo parlors at our tried and true event locations (Tri State, Central Florida, and Chicago), have agreed to mark you as a Legionnaire For Life with free exclusive designs celebrating you, our fearless Mudders. So hit up the 3 parlors that have agreed to give you a free TM tattoo (from the 4 tats above) to the first 10 Mudders who walk in sporting their latest headband: Three Kings Tattoo, Stigma Ink, and Taylor Street Tattoo.

And don't forget, Tough Mudder offers free entry to anyone inked with a Tough Mudder tattoo. Simply go to one of the three tattoo shops mentioned above or your local tattoo parlour and get the Tough Mudder tattoo inked on your body. Then, submit a picture of the tattoo and a picture of the receipt that clearly displays the date of purchase at THIS link. Our team will verify your purchase and send a discount code via email for your new event within 2-3 weeks of submission.

3. 12 Hours, 12 Epic Giveaways on Social Media. 

You’ve tackled 10 tough miles. Now it’s time to tackle the ultimate photo challenge. Enter National Mudder Day Giveaways. Here are the deets: Enter to win some kickass partner prizes (shoutout Merrell, Kill Cliff, Vega, Celsius, Country Archer, and Amazon), and other one-of-a-kind giveaways made by Mudders just like you. In the days leading up to NMD (between December 7th and December 12th) you’ll share a picture of yourself doing something only a Mudder would do on Instagram. Tag @Tough_Mudder and use the #NationalMudderDay and you’ll be automatically entered to win some juicy prizes. And by juicy we mean meaty, adventure-ready, and high-value prizes that’ll help you train like a Mudder, decorate your house like a Mudder, and dress like a Mudder. If you’re not intrigued, you’re not human.

Need some inspiration for submission-worthy photos? Where in the world have you worn your Tough Mudder headband? How did your squad celebrate post-workout or Tough Mudder training? Do you have a Tough Mudder tattoo? Does your pet look like The Toughest Pup in The World rocking a finisher headband?

And if you’re less of a photo-poster, and more of a voyeur, search the #NationalMudderDay hashtag and give some love (in the form of likes + comments) to your Mudder Nation Family. Then on National Mudder Day, we’ll announce 1 winner (who submitted the best pics) for each of 12 epic prizes every hour for 12 hours on our Instagram Story from 8am - 7pm. That’s right, this is your chance to be Tough Mudder famous. Sort of.

4. Partner Offers

And if tats, drinking, and free stuff isn't your thing, then hit up Country Archer and Vega for some special discounts just for Mudder Nation. Ready to veg like a vet? Up your shake game with Vega Plant-Based protein powder and other Vega products. Go to to save 20% on Vega products from now until the end of the year. And if you're looking for something a little meatier, go to and use the code NationalMudderDay20 from now until January 13th, 2018 to save 20% on Country Archer products.