The Vault Obstacles Unveiled

By TMHQ | February 1, 2018


It's finally time Mudders. After hacks, secret document leaks and weeks of voting we can finally reveal which classic obstacles you have chosen to be on course in 2018.

What's The Vault again?


The Vault is essentially Tough Mudder's obstacle archives. It contains every weird and wonderful creation that has ever graced any course anywhere in the world over the last seven years.

 In 2018 we're bringing back some of these beloved (and often feared) obstacles and we gave you, Mudder Nation, the chance to choose your favorites - the ones you want to see out on course this year.

 We gave you 25 obstacles to choose from and you voted in your thousands.


Which obstacles are coming on course?


Cage Crawl

Claustraphobes beware as participants will need to pull themselves through a water-filled trench trapped under a steel fence. Keep a calm head and you'll do swimmingly.



A throwback to those high school hurdles on the track taken to the next level with chest high trees turned on their side. Learn from the Mudder next to you and don’t make a fool of yourself falling on your back.


Twinkle Toes

You'll need to conjure every ounce of balance within you to daintily tip-toe across this skinny 40' long platform. Don't look down, you're 3' above a pit of cold, dirty water...obviously.


Hump Chuck

From the WTM archives, this 10' slip wall, partially submerged in water is a team favorite. If this looks like a challenge to scale, just wait for your Happy Ending at the finish.


Human Gecko

Bringing your local bouldering club to a Tough Mudder course near you. You'll need the balance and strength of a small lizard to overcome this creature.


Just The Tip

With only the bare minimum to cling on to, your fingers and biceps are going to feel the burn after this Tough Mudder classic.

Trench Warfare 

Dark, confined spaces are back in full force. This 50' long crawl will bring out the claustrophobia in any Mudder. Don’t trip on the grenade inside and everything will be just fine.



Scaling the knot-free rope hanging in the middle of the water pit is only half the challenge. Transfer to the second rope and shimmy down the other side to conquer this classic.



Tough Mudder Strikes Again


DUN DUN DUUUUN. Think the fun stops there? After seeing all of our amazing obstacles from the past we felt a little sentimental.

So keep yours eyes peeled pre-event Mudder Nation, you never know what surprises we might have in store for you.

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