Vote For The Obstacles You Want To See On Course

By TMHQ | January 10, 2018


Vote for Your Favourite Tough Mudder Obstacle

This year we're bringing back classic Tough Mudder obstacles from years gone by and putting them on your 2018 course. Check out the list below, and vote for whichever obstacle you want to see the most. 

Whether it's an old favourite, or one you've only heard rumours of, this is your chance to make an impact on Mudder Nation. 

Vote today to choose which Vault obstacles will be on your course in 2018. Voting ends January 25 at 11:59pm.

Behold, the Obstacles: 

Boa Constrictor

To complete this obstacle, snake down through a 2.5' wide tube into a water pit with barbed wire just 8" above. Slither back up another 2.5' wide tube for 20'.

Cage Crawl

This is a perfect chance to practice your backstroke, under 60ft of steel fence with only a few inches of air. In this obstacle, Mudders lay on their back and pull their way through this long, watery trench. Muster up the mental grit and you’ll do just fine. It’s as easy as breathing.

Cry Baby

If you've been dying to get tear-gassed, well here's your chance. A 30' long water chamber with 10" of breathing room filled entirely by tear gas will certainly leave you crying like a baby


Traverse a dangling cargo net spaced 3' apart with small knots. If you've got the strength and agility you'll stay dry, otherwise...we hope you brought a towel.

Dirty Ballerina

Channel your inner dirty dancer and keep your toes pointed as you hop, jump, and skip over these 4' wide ditches filled with some Grade A filth.

Dong Daggler

Channel your inner sloth and shimmy upside down along a rope. Maintain 3 points of contact and you might stay out of the drink.

Electric Eel

Why just crawl 40' under barbed wire when you can get shocked as well? This sadistic feature combines the worst of the worst (or the best of the best?)

Greased Lightening

Break up the muddy running with a 100' slide reaching speeds of 15 miles per hour. Lay back, relax and let the motion take you.

Gut Buster

Taking your core workout to the next level, keep your shuffling game high to reach the hanging poles spaced 3' apart, over water of course.

Hot Shots

A shot of hot sauce before jumping into Arctic Enema - The Rebirth? Of course that makes sense, who doesn't want to try that?

Human Gecko

Bringing your local bouldering club to a Tough Mudder course near you. You'll need the balance and strength of a small lizard to overcome this creature.

Hump Chuck

From the WTM archives, this 10' slip wall, partially submerged in water is a team favorite. If this looks like a challenge to scale, just wait for your Happy Ending at the finish.

Island Hopping

What's more fun than trying to walk on water? Tip-toe these 3' wide floating platforms to cross over the river and through the woods to reach your ice-cold finisher beverage.

Just The Tip

With only the bare minimum to cling on to, your fingers and biceps are going to feel the burn after this Tough Mudder classic. 

King of the Mountain

This behemoth of hay towers over Mudder Nation at over 15'. The strenous climb up is only half the challenge - whatever goes up must come down.

Leap of Faith

Close your eyes and let yourself go, in this test of pure bravery. A hanging cargo net on the other side of a difficult 10' jump over a water pit below is your only way out. 

Log Jammin

Keep your head low as you duck under and hop over this 40' long set of high and low logs.


A throwback to those high school hurdles on the track taken to the next level with chest high trees turned on their side. Learn from the Mudder next to you and don’t make a fool of yourself falling on your back.

Massive Turd

Suspended 12' high, this cargo net hanging between shipping containers is no walk in the park. Be careful of the muddy droppings from above as you run under.


Turning the clock back to your childhood, experience your favourite kid's game with real electricity. Fail to pull the ring cleanly through the hole and you've earned one 10,000 volt shock.


Scaling the knot-free rope hanging in the middle of the water pit is only half the challenge. Transfer to the second rope and shimmy down the other side to conquer this classic.

Twinkle Toes

You'll need to conjure every ounce of balance within you to daintily tip-toe across this skinny 40' long platform. Don't look down, you're 3' above a pit of cold, dirty water...obviously.

Shocks on the Rocks

If you thought Electric Eel couldn't get any more painful, then please allow us to throw some ice on that burn.

Trench Warfare

Dark, confined spaces are back in full force. This 50' long crawl will bring out the claustrophobia in any Mudder. Don’t trip on the grenade inside and everything will be just fine.

Underwater Tunnels

18” high barbed wire boxed in by floating 55-gallon barrels in typically freezing water provides a sure-fire way to keep you running to warm up after.