[Watch] Tough Mudder's 2018 Obstacle Highlights

By TMHQ | January 10, 2018


At Tough Mudder, we create some of the biggest, baddest, most insane obstacles in the obstacle course racing industry. They’re designed to test your physical strength and mental grit, push you out of your comfort zone and get up close and personal with your team.  Check out some of the best moments from the 2018 season so far.


Below are a few of the newest creations and iconic old favorites:

Happy Ending, Presented by Merrell

This year every runner on a Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder Half, or Tough Mudder Full course will end with the biggest obstacle ever created: Happy Ending.

This gigantic finisher obstacle is the physical embodiment of that idea, as participants of all abilities and from different formats come together at the end of the course.

We're pushing boundaries once more by creating the biggest structure ever in obstacle course racing history. Happy Ending will be nearly 25 feet tall, more than 80 feet wide and 100 feet long.

To complete Happy Ending participants will have to climb their way up a 40-foot angled slippery structure, building human ladders and pulling their team to the top. Once at the summit, the challenge isn't over as Mudders must shoot feet-first down a 30 foot slide into a pit of water.

This year we're heading back to basics, remembering that it's the community that got us here and that we're #TougherTogether. This obstacle will bring first timers and Legionnaires together so that everyone can share in the Tough Mudder spirit as they finish the course. Coming to every Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder Half, Tough Mudder Full, Tougher and Toughest course in 2018.

Kong Infinity

For the first time ever in Tough Mudder history, a Tough Mudder Obstacle Design Challenge-winning obstacle will be featured on the course, at Tough Mudder events around the globe. Kong Infinity was designed by Ross Munro and Jonny McDonald from Glasgow, UK.

A spin on the iconic Kong, Legionnaires will climb a 15-foot structure to a barrel with handles fixed around its circumference. Participants will need upper body strength and agility as they rotate the barrell along tracks 20-feet in the air. Taking an already difficult obstacle to another level, Kong Infinity will be one of the most technically demanding obstacles on course.

And Kong in its original form? It isn't being retired, instead it will be moved onto course so that all Mudders (not just Legionnaires) can give it a try.Seen on every Tough Mudder Full, Tougher and Toughest course in 2018.

Iconic Tough Mudder Obstacles

Our iconic obstacles have stood the test of time, season after season, for a reason: they’re the most loved in the industry. Check out some Mudder favorites below.

The Block Ness Monster presented by Kill Cliff

The industry’s highest-rated obstacle OF ALL TIME. Push, pull and roll your way through slick, rotating barriers with your team. Seen on every Tough Mudder Half, Tough Mudder Full, Tougher and Toughest course in 2018.

Mud Mile 2.0 presented by Celsius

The epitome of what Tough Mudder is all about: teamwork. Slippery mud mounds make it almost impossible to complete this obstacle solo, so help your fellow Mudders in and out of 8-foot-high, waist-deep mud pits to the finish. Seen on every Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder Half, Tough Mudder Full, Tougher and Toughest course in 2018.

Everest 2.0 presented by Celsius

We Mudder-ized this mountain, and it’s better than ever. It’s a slick quarter pipe over 15’ tall, with a curved top to make it extra hard to get that handhold. Run fast and aim for the muddy hand waiting for you at the top. Seen on every Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder Half, Tough Mudder Full, Tougher and Toughest course in 2018.

The Tough Mudder Vault


To celebrate our rich history of obstacle innovation we asked Mudder Nation to vote for their favourite obstacles of all time to bring a select number of them back onto the course in 2018.

Check out Instagram each Friday before the event to find out which obstacle has been taken out of the Tough Mudder archive and resurrected on the course for the upcoming weekend.

Want to try out these brand new bad boys? Get your 2018 ticket now.

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