Where Around the World You Can Do Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | September 18, 2019


Mudders, we hope you’re ready to join us on a brand new adventure. Over the coming months we’ll be venturing into unmarked territory and crossing deserts and oceans to take our unconventional experiences further across the globe. We are excited to be growing our global tribe, and giving people the muddy madness they deserve. 

Tough Mudder Around the World

Our Global Tribe is at an all-time high with events in 16 countries and on six continents, so there is no better time to make new muddy memories than now. From our Mudders down-under, to the Mudders in the UAE, Oman, the Philippines, Ireland, Poland and South Africa, we love them all.

Later this year we will see our first-ever Tough Mudder in the beautiful cities of Milan, Rome and Zagreb. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to run among our brand-new community of Mudders. 

As for next year, Mudder Nation is breaking into South America for the very first time and we cannot wait. To the land of white-sand beaches, football and carnival we go! Rio de Janeiro will host the first event, a Tough Mudder 5K, right in the buzzing city of Sao Paulo later in the year.

But, wait, there’s more. Our friends in the home of the Pharaohs and pyramids are excited to welcome Mudder Nation to… yes, you guessed it, Egypt. Mudders, you now have the chance to experience Tough Mudder 5K in the thriving city of Cairo this December. Tickets are already on sale!

Next Stop … Everywhere!

We don’t plan to stop there either; nothing can get in the way of us spreading the Mudder-love. The year of 2020 will see more far-flung, exotic and adventurous countries added to the calendar. Start planning your trip-of-a-lifetime to get your next headband in one of our hot new destinations.