#WhyIMudder: 10 Tough Mudders Reveal Their Inspiration

By TMHQ | August 15, 2019


What propels us through tough training sessions and epic events? Here’s what motivates 10 Mudders to push themselves to the limit.

1. “I Mudder to challenge myself, learn about myself, and develop skill sets that will better prepare me for each and every day of the life journey."

"TM provides an ongoing opportunity to finetune physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and social skills that will not only allow me to succeed during TM events, but will also provide a platform for me to be a more productive husband, employee, and member of society. Life is an obstacle course. We often find our limits. We learn from these moments. We find ways to overcome the limits. And when we do, and keep going, we find more. This process never stops in a life well lived.” —Scott

2. “I Mudder because it’s a family affair!"

"I’m not the most athletic, but my family motivates me to keep trying, no matter what. And I want to be the healthiest, most active version of myself that I can be. Tough Mudder allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I felt very proud and accomplished after my run! Thank you for getting my whole family up and moving, Tough Mudder!” —Kelly

3. “I do them to put faces to Facebook."

"My fiance and I are both former Marines and we put together teams for Mudders in our different veterans groups on Facebook. Someone hosts, and the rest travel. The last two years have been in Michigan with my fiance and I hosting. Just completed my 6th Mudder on June 15th.” —Howie

4. “My boyfriend invited me to a Tough Mudder right after we started dating."

"I spectated and took pictures of him and saw how much fun he had, so I surprised him at the next one I was supposed to spectate at by buying a ticket to run with him. We had a blast and it's become a huge part of our relationship. Two years, five more events run together (and dozens more for him alone), an engagement, and we're planning many more in our future. And hopefully a TM wedding!” —Krista

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5. “I Mudder because at 20 years of age I was diagnosed with kidney cancer."

"As a result I lost my right kidney and a rib. At the time I was told don’t do this or that, you may not live to see 50, you will be a burden. From that time on I said to myself, ‘No, I will live my life 100 percent.’ I became a police officer, ran a marathon, trained, and then discovered Tough Mudder! Perfect for people like me who have been in the race of their life covered with mud, but you know what? Went over the obstacles and kept going! Tough Mudder speaks the words, ‘Yes, you can!" —Sharon

6. “Because of my social anxiety."

"It gives me the opportunity to challenge myself to meet new people, because everyone at Tough Mudder is family and they are all here for the same reason: To complete the course and meet new people along the way. Tough Mudder has changed my life.” —Chris

7. “As a transgender male, having the opportunity to prove my determination, grit and ability to myself is an amazing experience."

"I did my first Tough Mudder on my own, asking for help on teamwork obstacles and feeding from the encouragement of my fellow Mudders. My last seven events have been with a team. Completing the course as a team is an equally rewarding experience.” —Taylor

8. “I ran my first Tough Mudder with my dad six years ago, a few months after I turned 18."

"It was my excuse to see him for the first time after leaving for college. We trained together and crossed the finish line together--the ultimate father-daughter bonding! My dad passed away from cancer recently, and this fall I'm planning to complete the Tough Mudder again in his honor. Thanks for making me Tough, dad. Once a Mudder, always a Mudder!” —Logan

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9. “For three years I was a victim of domestic violence."

"After endless torment and beatings I took a stand and got my daughter, myself and our dog out of the home. For years I had dreamed of doing Tough Mudder. I finally had the freedom to attend. I went and ran in honor of my family and to show others that even after all that, you can find yourself and still love your dreams. I did it to remind myself of the badass, strong-minded person I am, and to teach my daughter that, no matter what, you always push forward no matter how tough it may get, no matter how high the obstacle or the course you have to take." —Cyanna

10. “It all started out as a fresh journey and challenge. I was overweight and unmotivated."

"A group of friends saw a video when it first started many years ago. I said what the heck, why not? I started jogging slowly, then it built into running, then it became a group workout. Not only did it help me lose weight, it gave me a new reason to be with friends. After the first Mudder I did, not only did it become an obsession, it became a tradition. Now every year we do at least one or two Mudders and it’s no longer the challenge but ‘the thing to do.’ We get together, we run the race, we dress up, we have fun, and it’s not a new year without one. Thank you for what you have created, not a race, but a challenge and a tradition. That is why I Mudder.” —Tim

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