#WhyIMudder: Tough Mudder Sharon Cavanaugh Trombley

By TMHQ | November 22, 2019


The Mudder

Sharon Cavanaugh Trombley, Laconia, New Hampshire
A retired police officer of more than 25 years who now works as a case manager helping people with drug and alcohol problems, teaches fitness at the Downtown Gym, and is certified in Precision Nutrition.

Mudder History

My first Tough Mudder was a 5K in Virginia a few years ago.  I then ran the Tough Mudder Classic in September 2018 at Gunstock, Gilford, NH, and this summer I ran the Boston Tough Mudder Classic, which I plan on doing again in 2020. I’m registered to run the Florida Tough Mudder Classic in December 2019.

I Mudder because…

At 20 years of age I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and as a result I lost my right kidney and a rib. At the time I was told don't do this or that, you may not live to see 50, and that I would be a burden. From that time on I said to myself, “No, I will live my life 100%.” I became a police officer, ran a marathon, trained, and then discovered Tough Mudder! It’s perfect for people like me who have been in the race of their life, covered with mud, but went over the obstacles and kept going! 

On the morning of a Mudder, I wake up feeling…

Alive and ready for a challenge. Tough Mudder speaks the words, " Yes, you can!"

My favorite part of being a Mudder is…

The sense of team and family as everyone is working together. My Mudders, my family, and the kids from our family are all Team Trombley, the new generation. The kids wanted to do the Mudder with me.

Being a Mudder has changed how I…

Feel about the obstacles in my life because now I say, “Yes, I can and so can you.” There is always someone there to lend a hand over an obstacle at Tough Mudder events, and so it is in life if we just reach out. I am honored to tell my story and pray it helps others, especially women of my age bracket, cancer survivors, and those who aren’t sure if they can. 

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