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Being a Mudder℠ is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them.

This November, when other couples are touring wine country and lounging on West Coast beaches, Hannes Bayards and Renee Muhina of Maidstone, England will be sinking their toes in, not sand, but mud at World’s Toughest Mudder, Tough Mudder’s extreme 24-hour obstacle course challenge in Las Vegas.


After Global Mudder 2014 put Tough Mudder in the international spotlight, we decided to go even bigger in 2015. On the weekend of September 12 and 13, thousands of Mudders across the United States, Germany, the UK and Australia tackled Tough Mudder’s 10- to 12-mile world-class obstacle course and proved, once again, that Mudder Nation is a global force that’s here to stay.

Here are our top photos from Global Mudder weekend.


In a joint effort to use the power of play to empower children facing adversity, TMHQ chose Right to Play as its Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder charity partner. Founded in 2000 by Johann Olav Koss, a four-time Olympic gold medalist and social entrepreneur, the organization uses sport to drive lasting social change in communities.

In an effort to introduce our Mini Mudder parents to our new partner, here are five things to know about Right to Play.


On July 25, we introduced Tough Mudder's Cousin in the City, Urban Mudder, to the world. At Randall's Island in New York City, thousands of Mudders, including Coach T. Mud himself, gathered to take on the very first 5-mile Urban Mudder course. So how'd it go down? 

Watch episode twelve of Coachified and find out.


Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean that the fun and games need to stop. Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is keeping the summertime vibes of fitness, friends and fun alive at 2015 Tough Mudder events across the US and UK.

At Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder, children over 42 inches tall and between ages 7 and 12 get a chance to tackle a muddy 1-mile, kid-friendly obstacle course designed by Tough Mudder's very own course designers.


Over two million Mudders have crossed our finished line, and chances are, wherever you live, you’ve passed a few without even knowing it.

If you’ve crossed paths with Texas’s Brian “McMudderton” Muttee, however, you’d know for certain he’s a Mudder, as Brian wears Tough Mudder on more than just his sleeve.