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wrong name imputted

Started by gerrynealon

hi all, i am attending on sunday (dublin) and i booked my wife as a spectator and my son as a mini mudder..the only thing is that my wife and son only have photo id in my wifes maiden name...i cant

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Berlin Sept 9th.

Started by Michael Travis

Need to get from Berlin to race course on Sept 9th. Seeking ride share or advice on how to get there by train?

Aug. 22 0
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London West 30th April - driving from london

Started by balasubu

Hi I'm driving from south of London to Cawley, I'm happy to give a lift if anyone wants to hop on, bonus if you got mad dj skills , will be leaving by 9:30 or so to reach by 12:30.

Apr. 29 0
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Tennessee 2015

Started by Exodous2015

So I'm trying to plan an appropriate playlist for when we are rolling through the Tough Mudder event on the way to our Premium Parking spot.

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promo codes

Started by mclaughlin88

Looking for some promo or discounts codes for a buddy whos signing up late i. Toronto? Anyone got anything?

May. 30 0
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Wrong Tickets: need some help

Started by Daken

I bought a camping pass thanks to an offer I received by mail which gave me a discount on the pass: about 25£ each.

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Is there a time when it starts?

Started by Garrett Huffman

Hey my friend and I just purchased tickets for the tough mudder half in new orleans 2017.

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Started by Sarah Oltmans

Does anyone know why there aren't any photos up for the 2017 events?

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Driving to TM in WV

Started by IMGREGORY

I am in Eastern NC and will be driving to the TM in WV (I am doing the Sat 27th run). Looking to see if anyone needs a ride up there.

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