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Colorado 2015 SnowMass -- COURSE ROUTE

Started by thor-metzinger

DO NOT put us on that 2 mile PAVED BIKE PATH AGAIN! The course layout in 2014 was just strange. A "figure 8" that crisscrossed at the halfway point?

Nov. 03 3
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To change teams

Started by ADGFCG

In response to Team Change:

Nov. 03 11
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Early Start Time for Sunday Nashville 2014

Started by lmrobbins1

Hi everyone...I got stuck with a late start time for the 8th and really need to get started early. Once I am done I have to drive north 6+ hrs....

Nov. 03 7
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Started by kazzerly24

Now.. I am unsure if it is related to being diabetic or if it is just tough luck.. BUT I need to wee about once an hour... Are there toilets around the course?!? Thanks,

Nov. 01 6
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Shuttle Help!

Started by ahhree

Hi! My team and I are running Saturday and are trying to figure out the shuttle situation. Last year, we were able to get a shuttle from Nassau Coliseum.. Are they not doing that again this year?

Nov. 01 5
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Start times

Started by somethingsweet

I requested the earliest start time for Tough Mudder Midlands (next weekend), but I've been given the latest time!!! Does anyone know if I can get this changed?

Oct. 30 4
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Room in Tahoe for Sat.

Started by henniz

Hey, due to some traveling, miscommunication and injuries, 2 team members have been left without a room to stay in this Saturday in Tahoe - Aug. 16th.

Oct. 27 1
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Started by mark-bonifacio-773

Do you think it is worth wearing my GoPro for my first event? If so, which mount should I use? I am thinking about using a wrist mount I bought but it is not very user friendly.

Oct. 25 10
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In Search of Mudders for Michigan

Started by Canger47

Planning on leaving Kitchener/Toronto area Friday night (Sept 16th) to run TM in Michigan.

Oct. 24 47
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trying to contact TM team no reply

Started by Smith314

i am trying to contact TM team regarding my season pass i have emailed a couple of times them over last week without a reply has anybody else experanced poor customer service all i want is my seaso

Oct. 23 11