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so greatful to manchester team

Started by Stephanie Amy Hindle

So thankful to the team of epic people from Manchester who helped me around the course and befriended me. So sorry I had to shoot off. I'm uber greatful. You we're all awesome and rocked it!!!

Jun. 27 13
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Started by Maygen Carruthers

Midlands - Saturday 20th - Circa 11am

Jun. 22 2
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Virgin Mudder!

Started by petersone28

First Time Mudder - beginning training NOW in the Baltimore area if anyone wants to train together! I'm doing the June 12th weekend in Virginia with a few friends who have done it before.

Jun. 22 9
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Be a part of creating a new app for mud runners! Take our 3-minute survey.

Started by Stephanie Yang ...

Hi Tough Mudders, Our team is creating a new app for all the mud runners out there. Welcome to be a part of making this come true by filling out this 3-minute survey:

May. 30 2
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Nashville picture

Started by -10

Nashville 2014

May. 30 2
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Funky Monkey Medic

Started by Ajjay Tambie

You were the lifeguard/medic guy stationed at Funky Monkey between 4:30 and 5:30 pm on Sunday May 21 at the Philly run. I wanted to get your name before my team moved on.

May. 30 1
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Looking for Gareth 'The Beard' - North West UK 2014

Started by SpinDrift

Gareth, where are you man? You joined our team for the North West run on Sat 13th Sept. We lost you after we got changed and never managed to get your email address.

May. 22 3
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10/11 tri-state FIYH volunteers

Started by yoovie

I was the terrified blonde. In my desperation to explain the depth of my fear, it came out rude and ungrateful. I'm so sorry..

May. 16 6
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Guy with the floppy hat and red shirt!

Started by shana-thoresong...

I ran in the Va Beach Mudder on Saturday June 14, 2014. There was a guy that kept running by me with a red shirt on and looked like a camo floppy hat on.

May. 15 1
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The beauty with tattoos at Glen Helen

Started by fortner187

I met you at Everest 2.0 on Saturday at the glen helen race. You were with a group of friends and one of your friends boyfriend was with you guys.

May. 10 1