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Missed Connections

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Portland Mudder, female, 47 red Tee, Red shoes, runner

Started by -426

The Portland Mudder was my first, I started @ 9:00 am and finished at 11:30 am. talked to countless people on the course, and never got names.

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TM Wisconsin 09/08/14 (SUN)

Started by Moose

Do the Dos Equis girls count? (including the photographer!) Anyway - To those who cared, My iPhone still works after the Mudder (music was on for the entire run)...

Sep. 09 0
23rd Sept 10am Full - Wood in the Eye Guy


Just want to say big thanks to the lovely man who picked wood out of my eye after the log carry, think you saved me a later trip to a&e. Cheers darling x

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It's worth a try :)

Started by dragongirl22

Ran the Buffalo course Saturday July 12th, 2014. I am Jenn. Me that day: About 5 feet tall, long dark hair in a pony tail, blue eyes...red shirt and black crossfit shorts.

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Tri-State Saturday

Started by Sherry Sanders

You had on a blue shirt and you were with maybe four other guys. Another one had a blue shirt and one had a red one on. You had a pretty sick beard.

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Spidey looking for mary jane!

Started by xiao-andrew

Just wondering if I could have the luck of reconnecting with the girl with the Mudweiser shirt. Missouri Tougher Mudder Oct 12

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American flag bandana guys

Started by -2928

I met some guys they were supper nice there name were scott kennen ian and I forgot the last guys name but they were really chill and I got some great pictures of them.

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Looking for the rum runners from JBLM

Started by NickCovington

Had a great time running with you. Want to run together next year?

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