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Missed Connections

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chaseharris's picture
Tall girl in volt yellow Sunday Chicago 2014

Started by chaseharris

I was the tall guy who started right in front of you. I wanted to meet you at the finish but we must have missed each other. Let's connect!

May. 11 0
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PepeSilvia151's picture
Blonde girl in red Under Armour top at LA 2014

Started by PepeSilvia151

(This is never going to work, is it?) You gave me the idea to use my feet on that Pole Dancer obstacle, wouldn't have made it otherwise.

May. 23 0
shana-thoresongregory's picture
Guy with the floppy hat and red shirt!

Started by shana-thoresong...

I ran in the Va Beach Mudder on Saturday June 14, 2014. There was a guy that kept running by me with a red shirt on and looked like a camo floppy hat on.

Jun. 15 0
stealth2lau's picture
Young Superman

Started by stealth2lau

Did the mudder on Saturday June 14th with Skyler (young superman) who helped me through the whole event.

Jun. 21 0
dragongirl22's picture
It's worth a try :)

Started by dragongirl22

Ran the Buffalo course Saturday July 12th, 2014. I am Jenn. Me that day: About 5 feet tall, long dark hair in a pony tail, blue eyes...red shirt and black crossfit shorts.

Jul. 14 0
Bosch1875's picture
Kirsty from Willoughby, Warks.

Started by Bosch1875

Kirsty joined our team round the course in Kettering on 13/07/2014. Have some photos of us and the team you may want........

Jul. 15 0
-426's picture
Portland Mudder, female, 47 red Tee, Red shoes, runner

Started by -426

The Portland Mudder was my first, I started @ 9:00 am and finished at 11:30 am. talked to countless people on the course, and never got names.

Aug. 13 0
Mudhouseman's picture
Sunshine Coast Tough Mudder - Husband Girl

Started by Mudhouseman

you gave me a mud five, we stalked each other on the course...lets have coffee?

Aug. 16 0
Kokoda's picture
Crazy screaming girl (Sasha) Sunshine coast

Started by Kokoda

Didn't get to see you on Sunday , was realy looking forward to catching up , just want to say , you were Awsome and fun to freeze my ass off with at the finish line on Saturday , hope you volunteer

Aug. 18 0