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Missed Connections

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Miniluda's picture
Half on Sunday az ; started at 10am ish

Started by Miniluda

looking for this chick, apparently every time I showed it you needed help, kept calling me your hero. Where did you go?? Didn't see you at the finish

Jul. 11 1
SpinDrift's picture
Looking for Gareth 'The Beard' - North West UK 2014

Started by SpinDrift

Gareth, where are you man? You joined our team for the North West run on Sat 13th Sept. We lost you after we got changed and never managed to get your email address.

Jul. 07 2
Ajjay Tambie's picture
Funky Monkey Medic

Started by Ajjay Tambie

You were the lifeguard/medic guy stationed at Funky Monkey between 4:30 and 5:30 pm on Sunday May 21 at the Philly run. I wanted to get your name before my team moved on.

May. 24 0
Maygen Carruthers's picture

Started by Maygen Carruthers

Midlands - Saturday 20th - Circa 11am

May. 22 0
fortner187's picture
The beauty with tattoos at Glen Helen

Started by fortner187

I met you at Everest 2.0 on Saturday at the glen helen race. You were with a group of friends and one of your friends boyfriend was with you guys.

Mar. 26 0
Adam Stewart Needham's picture
TM Northwest uk

Started by Adam Stewart Needham

Lass I volunteered with at midlands with then I meet again at northwest and who camped near by to me. Was on about going to volunteer at Germany and you offered to translate.

Mar. 21 1
DangerXone's picture
Stephanie at TM Michigan Saturday Sept. 20, 2014

Started by DangerXone

I met you on the Legion Loop and you seemed pretty awesome. Talked to you again after the finish getting headbands but I was too dumb to get your number.

Mar. 16 1
milesleacy's picture
Superwoman in Missouri

Started by milesleacy

You're an army medic amongst many other impressive things. I'm in software & from Brooklyn. I joined up with your team along the course, sharing my sport beans when the hanger set in.

Feb. 15 2
hh32794's picture
Like finding a needle in a haystack...

Started by hh32794

I need help finding someone that did the TM Chicago on Saturday, May 9th. He probably had a later start time (I started at 1:45pm) and was wearing a green lantern superhero shirt.

Nov. 02 4
James Bray's picture Oct. 25 0