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Missed Connections

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mckar's picture
Are you following me

Started by mckar

You and your frI end kept meeting us at the obstacles for the first half, so I joking asked if you were following me. We helped each other through a few too.

Oct. 24 0
Sherry Sanders's picture
Tri-State Saturday

Started by Sherry Sanders

You had on a blue shirt and you were with maybe four other guys. Another one had a blue shirt and one had a red one on. You had a pretty sick beard.

Oct. 12 0
Alexis Newberry's picture
Tall and handsome on a 3 person team name DMI

Started by Alexis Newberry

Let me know if you see this I tried to find you at the end but couldn't find you I was the orange shirt if you could tell through the mus

Oct. 08 0
NickCovington's picture
Looking for the rum runners from JBLM

Started by NickCovington

Had a great time running with you. Want to run together next year?

Sep. 25 0
palmcoast's picture
Yeah buddy

Started by palmcoast

Hey guys look me up Shawna Rolland I missed you guys at the finish would love to run with you guys next year or in florida

Jun. 19 0
DCamboo's picture

Started by DCamboo

Hey guys completed my first Tough Mudder half today! After one of the obstacles that my group finished, someone who was observing was kind enough to take a picture of us!

Jun. 12 0
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TM Michigan 9/20 & 21

Started by Meaghinrose

Had an amazing time at the event this weekend, volunteering and participating.

Mar. 18 1
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10/11 tri-state FIYH volunteers

Started by yoovie

I was the terrified blonde. In my desperation to explain the depth of my fear, it came out rude and ungrateful. I'm so sorry..

Oct. 15 2
-2709's picture
2 people i got a taxi with in midlands saturday

Started by -2709

I got a taxi with 2 people one was running that day for his first time the other was volunteering then she was running the day after, wanting to see how they did.

Jun. 06 0
-2928's picture
American flag bandana guys

Started by -2928

I met some guys they were supper nice there name were scott kennen ian and I forgot the last guys name but they were really chill and I got some great pictures of them.

May. 14 0