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Missed Connections

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Oh Foster, Where Art Thou? WTM Las Vegas 2014

Started by nilinshalifi

I handed out and received countless cinder blocks with a big grin and loads of encouragement all day; Nice Ass Foster, you made my day, and gave me a new nickname "Swinger".

Nov. 16 0
oshura's picture Nov. 09 0
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Looking for fellow Georgians we met at Charlotte TM Oct 25th

Started by rich-jaffre

Rich and Gail met John and Nicky (hope that's spelled right), and Russell, and ran the Mudder with them, but got separated at the end before exchanging info to meet-up at a later date / Tough Mudde

Oct. 27 0
xiao-andrew's picture
Spidey looking for mary jane!

Started by xiao-andrew

Just wondering if I could have the luck of reconnecting with the girl with the Mudweiser shirt. Missouri Tougher Mudder Oct 12

Oct. 16 0
Rpagnillo's picture
TM Utah 9.13.14

Started by Rpagnillo

Searching for Brett who joined our group halfway thru the Utah Mudder. Group was Finish Faster and we all wore neon colors. Brett was alone and joined our team.

Sep. 15 0
Moose's picture
TM Wisconsin 09/08/14 (SUN)

Started by Moose

Do the Dos Equis girls count? (including the photographer!) Anyway - To those who cared, My iPhone still works after the Mudder (music was on for the entire run)...

Sep. 09 0
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September 6th Tough Mudder Alberta Everest Savior

Started by sammiosborne

Looking for the big white dude wearing a black compression shirt that saved me at Everest on Saturday. I never got your name I should have.

Sep. 07 1
imchoznru's picture
GoPro video of Epic save

Started by imchoznru

I was in the Tahoe Mudder on Saturday the 16th. On the pole dancer obstacle I almost fell but swung my feet up to save myself from the water.

Aug. 20 0
Kokoda's picture
Crazy screaming girl (Sasha) Sunshine coast

Started by Kokoda

Didn't get to see you on Sunday , was realy looking forward to catching up , just want to say , you were Awsome and fun to freeze my ass off with at the finish line on Saturday , hope you volunteer

Aug. 18 0
Mudhouseman's picture
Sunshine Coast Tough Mudder - Husband Girl

Started by Mudhouseman

you gave me a mud five, we stalked each other on the course...lets have coffee?

Aug. 16 0