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Started by Joniljackson

I wear glasses. Should I do my best without them? Or go ahead and wear them?

Jun. 27 16
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Started by Strength4Me

Attire helpful for this event? My first one.

Jun. 23 17
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Started by -216

Do I need to wear my old headband to get onto the legionaries obstacles? And do I need take my last eat headband to get my new headband??

Jun. 23 53
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Started by sapper873

does anyone know if the full and half run together to start as i want to do the full and the wife wants the half

Jun. 23 21
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Sewage Outlet & Boa Constrictor

Started by robert-charlton-50

Hello I'm registered to do my first Tough Mudder in Adelaide, SA and want to get an idea on these obstacles.

Jun. 22 9
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King of the Swingers

Started by aruna-nagarajan

Is King of the Swingers pretty much the same water depth as Walk the Plank used to be? I'm kinda sorta scared of jumping into open water and only really swam in pools.

Jun. 22 17
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6 Feet Under

Started by cjfunk

What is it? Why can't I find it anywhere?

Jun. 21 9
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Firat timer questions

Started by gwc24us

Ok so I saw this the other day and thought whole hell heres something i can use as a goal for my workouts.

Jun. 21 6
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Arctic Enema 3.0

Started by Dave Wetherald

At Las Vegas last weekend, they had a revised Arctic Enema on course and it's legit! You now slide through black plastic culvert tubes (like on other obstacles) and get plunging into the ice.

Jun. 21 6
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Fire in the hole

Started by nick-spinner-5

This will be my 2nd Tough Mudder, will I be able to do the fire in the hole? It looks badass and I really want to do it.

Jun. 21 5