Do the electric shocks really hurt?

Started by mudd-n-gold on May 23, 2014 in Obstacles

Help! I’m trying to convince a friend to run with me, but she is freaked out about Electroshock. I’ve never run a Tough Mudder so I don’t know what to tell her.

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  • Reply by MudderF

    In my experience, they jolt you a little but they've never been too bad. I've seen people straight up black out while running through electroshock therapy, though. You don't HAVE to go through electric obstacles, so if your friend is really freaked out she can just go around them. But most people sack up and go for it anyways...that headband & beer at the finish line is a great motivator

  • Reply by ray-leftwich-3

    Electroshock Therapy only lasts about 5 seconds. Put your fists in front of your face, and run.

  • Reply by PDogg81

    They are like bad static shocks.  Just keep your head away from the wires and you should be ok.  It sucks but it's quick and as long as you don't take a dive you won't have any pain after the obstacle.

  • Reply by ZaleMills

    In four courses, I've run through 7 electric obstacles. Of those, I only was shocked on two. The charges vary from the static jolt off a doorknob to "holy crap, did I just get kicked in the head?!" As with all things TM, sack up and take the pain. It'll be over quickly.

  • Reply by Mr-NYM

    A little.

  • Reply by eclypse

    I don't think they hurt. They give you a little jolt, but it's not painful to me. Crawling on the ground on the rocks hurts more than the electric shocks do. Just run through with your hands up and be nimble on your feet, and you'll be fine.

  • Reply by daddy387

    Before Saturday I would have said they just sting. Saturday in VT however I got dropped by one. Pretty sure I blacked out for second. It's all part if the fun though. 

  • Reply by jjsmith3224

    1) I've always told people it's kinda like playing paintball from my experience. The suspension of getting hit can be way worse than the actual shock itself. That's not to say it doesn't hurt but again like paintball once you've been hit once or twice you realize it's not that bad. I've been shocked more times than I can remember and always try to do something different through electro shock. I've walked, zomie walked, iron crossed walked, I've also carried people through (that hurt the worse).

  • Reply by jjsmith3224

    2)And there's always a chance that they're turned down. I've experienced everything from a tickle to barely holding it together taking a step(with someone on my back).  I'd also give some advice: if you don't want to face plant into the mud go slowly. Picture this trying to run, then jump over hay bales, getting shocked in midair and then tripping and faceplanting in the mud. It happens ALL the time.  Have fun out there

  • Reply by jamie-r-cannon

    10 people will proably give 10 different answers.  I think each shock is different.  In our group some didn't get shocked at all.  Mine felt like a sting and like someone tackled me from the side.  I fell down but it didn't really hurt.  3 people out of our group of 11 got it really bad- as in momentary black out and can't move.  Those 3 said they wouldn't go through it again.  

  • Reply by matthew-ives-52

    I agree with sale mills, It depends on the day. I have had times where I'm not even sure I got hit, and others where it's strong enough to down you. ie. leg hit, leg collapses, head hit, black out (although I saw white instead of black...)

  • Reply by johnny-b-burrows

    Its not really a painful shock..Morel like a hilarious jolt lol. Electric EEl is wose then Electro Shock Therapy though because Electric Eel takes you longer to go through it. Electro Shock Therapy your only in it for a few seconds running fast.

  • Reply by Rocknrollnobody

    You might go through all the electric obstacles and never get shocked, you might get toasted every time you go through, you can't tell.

    I think the best way to convince someone is to explain that even if they do get shocked, it's momentary, and there's maybe 2 obstacles per event that will shock you.

    Some TMs I get shocked lots, but it was no big deal, then last week TM Yorkshire, the jolts were properly disabling for a moment.

  • Reply by dbelknap25

    Feels like getting hit with a baseball bat. The pain goes away immediately.

  • Reply by roberts1234

    Yes they hurt!!! Badly! For about 5 seconds...I was accidentally tripped, and took a shock to the knocked me off my feet for a felt like a baseball bat to the head...5 seconds later i was fine...would consider a mouthguard for that one...i slammed my teeth pretty hard!

  • Reply by andrew-sellers-56

    I walked through with both arms open wide to contact as many of the wires as possible. I didn't even get shocked enough to even notice it. So sometimes the system isn't working when you go through.

  • Reply by johnny-b-burrows

    Sometimes you get lucky and dont get hit at all or you might get some low level shocks. Well last weekend i thought i made it all the way through un shocked. Very last wire i took a powerful shock to the head lol and it wasnt the best time i the world...but it was still hilarious.

  • Reply by drjv1967

    Arizona 2012 I had three jolts that felt like a 2x4 on my face.

  • Reply by LitamusPrime

    I went through it, slowly, I got popped, twice? Once in the arm, once in the head. It didn't hurt per say, but it knocked me on my butt. It felt like getting nailed with a pillow. Someone was trying to run through, got shocked and fell on his face. I didn't realize it at the time, but they turned it off.. so I only had electricity halfway through, but whatever.

  • Reply by TEstrada

    To me, it felt like getting punched against the shoulder... :-) Was OK.

  • Reply by Friskitty

    They're different Intesities. Some were annoying, some hurt, and at least one, I had to get out to catch my breath before going back in. It made me hate dog shock training collars even more. Lol.
    If your friend is really freaked out about it she can skip it.

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  • Reply by pj739

    If you have metal in you, don't do it. I've done several mudders never had an issue until last year. Dropped me hard, wondering if the metal in my jaw is why. I'll probably go around it this year.

  • Reply by atlanticspace

    Make sure you get through it quickly. the shocks come in waves so just touching the wire doesn't mean you will be shocked. Just means your lucky enough that its not currently on. ;D

  • Reply by jayhawknate

    Honestly I didn't feel "shocks" as much as involuntary muscle movement odd and uncomfortable is probably the best way to describe it!

  • Reply by cody-stutler

    Honestly this years was barely noticeable, i got hit twice, but last year i too three to my left leg and went down. But the "pain" goes away by the time you get you headband. No reason to worry!

  • Reply by cody-stutler

    Honestly this years was barely noticeable, i got hit twice, but last year i too three to my left leg and went down. But the "pain" goes away by the time you get you headband. No reason to worry!

  • Reply by knowik

    Do it once... then you'll know. LOL I was one of those who got zapped in the head and blacked out face first in the mud in 2013. Did it hurt? Heck if I know, I was unconscious. LOL I like that being in the Mudder Legion, they give you the nod to skip it.... and I do. :)

  • Reply by knowik

    If you want to minimize the your chances of getting zapped, wait for a huge group to go and follow them. There is only so much electricity pumping at once.

  • Reply by thor-metzinger

    I got shocked in the head in the Electric Eel -- Blacked out. Woke up with my face underwater for a few seconds. My jaw hurt for a day and a blistering headache the rest of the run.

    Had a friend knocked out in a DEAD RUN through the Electroshock Therapy....its no joke. Just do it....don't sit there and think about it, when you get up to it, jump in before your head starts in the game.

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